Today, I tried something new!

A little something-something the grocery store had on sale, four for five dollars!

a review

Halo Bars, put out by Pro Bar!

They claim to be ‘sinfully healthy snacks’ designed to ‘satisfying your sweet tooth with zero grams of guilt’. Alright! Good show!

Last night, while shopping – not that I need to – for some grub, I found these little guys (mostly because the giant on sale sigh caught my eye). Naturally, I – at first – checked the stats, then decided I’d give them a go. Pro bar has never been a disappointment in the past, so I went for it!

The Sweet Bits

– They’re only 150 calories a bar;
– Certified organic ingredients;
– Dairy free and vegan;
– Healthy source of Omega-3s;
– Comes in four different flavors – S’mores (win), Rocky Rock (eh), Nutty Marshmellow (win) and… wait for it… HONEY Graham Cracker (WIN WIN!);
– Cute, attractive packaging;
– Tasty and slightly chewy;

The Sour Bits
– Kind of small in volume compared to other bars of this nature;
– Ingredients list – although not horrible – tended to be a bit verbose;
– Although tasty, other bars have tickled my fancy a we bit more

Bottom Line?
I am in no way regretful of this purchase! I would rather gnaw on a Simply Bar or KIND bar, but I don’t see this as a waste of money. If you’re interested in trying one of these bad boys, I would definitely advice you to give it a shot. Ain’t nothing wrong with trying something new, now is there?

sweet moment

Today at work a customer came into the store and purchased, well, a boatload of things. Two of which were paintings of ballerinas. From there, she proceeded to go on and on about how much she loved ballerinas.

I knew just what she had meant. For as long as I can recall I’ve had few great regrets; one of which, being my discontinuing ballet. There is a certain elegance about ballet that I’ve always envied. To be frank, I am not extremely graceful, but I’m working on it.

Furthermore, I’ve taken a great interest in the Barre form of exercise. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to locate any local Barre studios, so I’ve just had to sit and dream about it! If anyone has information about possible on-line Barre workouts or anything to that extent, I’d love to know about them!

Until then,
Stay sweet



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