Getting my Giggle Back

Good morning! I hope you all had a lovely sleep.

In moving my blog, I’ve also decided to evolve the layout a tad. Rather than just merely writing one entry day, I’ll write whenever I find the time. I am becoming extremely serious about making this – my blog – something ‘more’.

Now, don’t think each post is going to be a two-second read. No, no. I will still have my long ramblings, but typically speaking it would be wise to check in again in the evening, because there may just be a new read for your eyes!

over the breakfast bowl

Every morning I get up and have my breakfast, plan my workout and set my timer, then I start to think. So, I thought, why not share these pleasant thoughts with whomever stumbled upon my page? So, brace yourself!

Please note, from this point on I will refer to my disordered eating as ‘Ed’. I read that in a book once and I kind of liked it. I’d rather blame this all on Ed, then actually say the words. Kapish?

Before Ed came into my life, I was a girl who was always laughing! At herself, mostly, albeit, but always laughing. I was the type of girl who thought that no issue in life – no matter how big – couldn’t be solved with a smiled. And probably a good cuppa tea!

Then, upon meeting Ed, my smile kind of faded away.

Yesterday, I was playing cards with my mother (yes, I am a 20-year-old girl who would rather spend her weekends at home, kicking her mother’s rump at Crazy Eights, then going out and drinking or doing other young-adult activities) when it occurred to me how often I have been laughing lately. And, I mean, I am not talking just a chuckle here, or a chuckle there; I mean, full on laughter. Until my ribs hurt.

It is kind of incredible, getting your giggle back. Please don’t allowed your giggle to fade, everyone. A laugh is – by far – the most beautiful sound there is.

I’ve also noticed a few things that will always cause severe giggle attacks:

My Giggles
– Extremely bad and intentional puns;
– References from the TV show, ‘Friends’;
– Russell Peters;
– A baby laughing;
– Silly billy words little kids say;
– MamaBear’s weirdness;
– Stories MamaBear tells me about her and Auntie A;
– BabaBear in general;
– My dog, Zooey’s – you’ll learn more about her – routines;
– Van from the show Reba;
– (sad, but true) When you’re working out and it is really hard. Like, really. I don’t know why, but I always laugh when work outs get intense;
– How I can count the seconds at work until a co-worker of mine tells me how hot a customer was;
– How sometimes I manage to beat that co-worker to the punch in saying, ‘you liked him, didn’t ya?’;
– When I say or do really stupid things – more often than I’d like to admit;

The list could go on and on, I assure you.

today’s work out

This morning I woke up from a challenge from the ToneItUp girls to preform their Summer Slim Work Out along with 20-30 minutes of cardio. So, I intend to do the circuit three times, breaking it up with three eight-minute cardio blasts. I’ll be using lighter weights because my upper body is still a wee bit sore from my workout yesterday.

Nevertheless, I’m off to get ready for the days sweat-sesh!

Stay sweet,


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