Throwin’ it Back and Thankin’ you

Good morning!

over the breakfast bowl

I wanted to take a moment to thank every single person who has perused my page. Whether you were on here for two minutes and left or stuck around and got to know more about me, it means a great deal. Truly.

The moment Ed walked into my life, into my life also came a personality that found it difficult to connect to people. I almost always felt estranged, or different; I didn’t belong. This is not uncommon among people familiar with this pest. I felt as if no one truly understood me. Someone offered me a certain food and I felt like that were poking fun of me – even if they didn’t know about it – because of my fear and insecurities. It’s hard to explain this emotion to people who have never experienced such issues, but it makes connection very difficult.

As a result, I definitely kept to myself. Finding solace only in the pages on the web. Then, one day, I was worried about my consumption of nut butters, so I asked Google – who, at the time, was my best friend – ‘how much nut butter is too much nut butte?’ That is when I found this lovely gal and my life was forever changed.

From there, I discovered the world of fitness/food/health blogging. In many ways, it saved my life. To know that out there were hundreds of girls just like me was a breath of fresh air. I peered – from afar – at the lifestyle, scared to partake in it. I thought that my writing wasn’t strong enough, or my fitness regime wasn’t interested enough. Essentially, I didn’t think I was good enough.

Then, I decided to say screw it.

I need to make connections with people regarding fitness and health. A lot of the people in my life – although wonderful – do not share with me these passions. And although they do their very best to get excited for me, they cannot get excited with me, which is something I would love.

So, please, should you like what you read, don’t fear making a connection with me! I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

On another note, I’d just like to say. Never think you’re not good enough; never worry about that. You’re definitely good enough. If you want it enough, you’ll do it; if you want it hard enough; you’ll push through it. Never be embarrassed about your passions and dreams, because they make you beautiful. Right now, in my life, becoming a well-established blogger is my dream. Why? Because I want to help people who are like me, like you all have helped me. So, thank you and please come again. 🙂

today’s work out

Today I was a Throwback Thursday for this girl! I turned to my ToneItUp girls for inspiration an old ab circuit:

I sandwiched between a two 12 minute HIITs on my bike (two minutes of high intesnity, followed by one minute of rest). After that, I decided to see how long I can hold plank. Three minutes, apparently! OK, OK. I definitely put my knees down for a second or two. But, c’mon! We’ll say I did 90 seconds pure plank.

Go team!

Anyhow, stay sweet.

Here is something adorable for you to smile at (I know I am right now)



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