Straight from the Heart and Residual Habits

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a lovely sleep 🙂 Or, a good day.

sweet spots

Yesterday was a lovely day, I’ll tell you.

My best friend, Hannah and I decided we should go out for lunch. So, we did. It didn’t take too much discussion for us to figure out where we wanted to go. Heart Wood Cafe.

She had never been; I’d been several times. During my vegan days, this was my absolute favorite place to eat! Known for their healthy and organic baked goods, the Heart Wood Cafe is always a pleasant place to enjoy a good bite!

My favorite additive of their menu is their offering of the “Wild Card Salad”, which basically is just a hodgepodge of in-season foods! This is what I get every single time I do. All you need to do is inform them of any dietary restrictions (i.e; I don’t eat tofu) and they’ll ensure that it doesn’t show up on your plate! Alternatively, you can also inform them of certain foods that you would absolutely love to have upon your dish (Kind of like how I told that waiter that I’m a huge fan of a certain green fruit, fully of fatty goodness).

My friend got the Tomato and Avocado (also a fan of a ol’ ‘cado) Sandwhich:

And, as mentioned, I ordered my tried and true Wild Card Salad:

Unfortunately, my salad of today was not my absolute favorite. The best part was definitely the avocado. It wasn’t their fault, though! I had a really tough work out that morning and needed a little more fuel midday. Mostly it was just a bed of greens, some carrots and sprouts. Along with a few cubes of tofu and the requested ‘cado (anybody else think that they could easily eat a whole one in a day?).

All in all it was an awesome outing! Good food, great company and full tummies!

I know she’s beautiful, but unfortunately for you, she’s my best girl. 🙂
sweet eats

Tonight I made a salad that was so good.

Included was a: salmon patty, shelled edamame, roasted asparagus, grilled broccoli and snap peas, greens, with a peanut ginger hummus I mixed up. Delish!

Thinky Thoughts

In most ways, I like to consider myself relatively – for lack of a better term – ‘healed’ from the aforementioned Ed, but often certain behaviors rear their heads for no apparent reason. The one I noticed most recently was at Heart Wood.

I have this unusual issue with holding a conversation while I eat. And, furthermore, I feel uncomfortable eating in front of people. So, basically, if someone is talking to me and I want to eat, I feel I can’t until they stop and begin to eat. It’s silly; I know. I hate that this still happens. I just (for some odd reason) have a difficult time with it. I’ve developed a certain relationship with the whole digestive process and do it kind of intuitively. I suppose the thing I need to remember is that eating isn’t such a big deal to other people. It’s just something they do. You know, ‘oh, I’ll grab a bag of chips’ or ‘I’ll just bring an apple for if I get hungry’. My friend even laughed at how prepared my lunch was for the workday. For me, this is totally normal. I have six meals a day, each meal needs certain nutrients and that’s that. I love living like this, but not everyone really understands it.

Regardless, there are moments in our life – for those of us recovering from such issues – that we will discover residual behaviors such as this one. I think what we need to remember is that a) not everyone has the same relationship with food, b) there is nothing wrong with finishing your plate first or eating while other people talk and lastly c) the only person who matters when it comes to food is you and your body.

So, if you’re hungry, eat. Don’t worry about the people around you so much! And furthermore, remember to accept who you are. If you have a similar relationship to food as I do, embrace the aspects that are positive and understand that some of them are not.

This was mostly just a ramble, I’ll be honest. I am not sure how eloquently this came out, or how well it was written, but I just wanted to say something from the heart

Stay sweet,



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