Learning, listening and loving

Good morning beauts!

daily eats

Last night, I made a really… really yummy salad!

Sweet Honey Chicken Salad

3oz grilled chicken
1/2 cup roasted brussels
1/2 cup roasted butternut squash
Honey Hummus (3T hummus whipped with 1/2 tsp honey)
1/2 cup chopped cucumber
1T dried cranberries
Two handfuls of greens
~50g of mushrooms, grilled
1-2 tsp balsamic

Absolutely delish!

I’ve become a salad making wizard. Don’t even get me started on all that. It is almost sad – my salad making process. I think about it almost too much. What are new salad ideas? I’ve been eyeballing this book for a long time:

learning to love and learning to listen

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a huge issue with admitting love. Love for someone, love for something… the list can go on. Then one day it occurred to me that love is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is quite the contrary

Love for your Loved Ones

During my years as a student, the thought of being a wife, mother… girlfriend, was – to me – a complete joke. I didn’t require that closeness to someone; I didn’t require that connection. No. I was a lone wolf, and that was that.

Then one day something happened. I started telling the people I loved them how much I loved them for no reason. And, furthermore, I loved how it felt. Now, I am always telling people I love them. Oh, it’s sad, but true.

A silent room is the perfect setting for an ‘I love you’.

Love for your Self

Yesterday both my boyfriend and my mother – yet again – amazed me.

In the upcoming weeks, I have not one… not two… not three, but four 7:30 shifts. I’ve always had this irrational fear in regard to working out after a 7:30 shift. I think it might have something to do with the fact that in the past – while Ed was in my life more actively – after a 7:30 shift, I would force myself to workout, while being void of any actual energy. So, now, a girl with a mostly healthy relationship with all things fitness related, I still fear not being able to preform my work outs at the best of my ability.

As previously stated, I’ve made a commitment to myself: no work out should exceed 40 minutes and the typical work out should be around 30-35 minutes, warm up and cool down included. Finding the ToneItUp girls and ZuzkaLight has made this very easy for me. They’ve both proven that you in no way need to slave for 60 minutes everyday at a high intensity.

But – as usual – I am getting off topic.

This essentially meant that I would have to commit to rather a) doing the work outs after work, or b) getting up earlier and doing them beforehand. I chose option ‘b’ because with option ‘a’ arose, yet another, issue: I never wanted to seem like I was choosing working out over anyone.

Given my spotted history with fitness, it would be easy for anyone who knows me to assume that working out every single day was just another example of an unhealthy connection. But, I promise you, it is not. Working out has become my brace – in so many ways – regarding my recovery. Through exercise I’ve discovered so much about my body and myself. Now, it is something I don’t feel I need to do everything, but rather something I really want to do. If I can fit it in, I am going to – and I’m committed enough to find time to squeeze it in.

So, where is this going?

Well, I voiced my concerns to my Mama and Omar. Naturally, they came back with the best response possible. It went something like this:

Caitlyn, we support you no matter what you do; and we love that you love what you love. Never think that you’re choosing it over us, because we never think that you are. We know it is something you love to do, which is great.

Again this issue arose today when I asked them if it was okay for me to blog while in their company. They gave me that, ‘Caitlyn, you’re being a goose’ look and I nodded and got to typing.

I think there is a small part of me that is always embarrassed of myself. Of my interest in fitness, or food, or writing, even! Because of this, I am constantly on-guard, expecting to be made fun of. What I need to realize is, is I am my own person. I am me; no one else. Caitlyn! This is something to not be ashamed of, but to celebrate. Yeah, okay. I’m weird. I probably talk too much – and my eyes kind of do this thing where they open up to weird, making it look like I’ve gone nuts, but I’m me. The only me I’ll ever be. And you’re you.

I think this is starting to get dangerously close to unintentional Beatles plagiarism.

So, you be you and I’ll be me. After all, that’s the very best that we can be.

OK. Now, I am channeling my man Sues! I’m all over the place.

sweet moments from my weekend

I discovered that I have the sweetest – and sexiest – boyfriend alive. For no reason he bought me these flowers! I love him. 🙂 Way too much. I’m going to keep you, okay, Bababear?

My really cute best friend, love, cutie with a booty, galpal Kathryn came home and let me kiss her cheek. And buy her a tea. I’m such a gentleman. 🙂

BABY BANANA (say that like you’re singing the Baby Beluga song and it is much better)

I found a book I really wanted a bit ago. I think I really want to commit to making more recipes from it. I love Ellie Kreiger. 🙂

That is all.

Stay sweet.



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