What I Ate, Widdle your Middle and Wednesday

what I Ate wednesday

Meal One: Egg white banana whipped oats topped with Love Grown Granola, Banana slices, blueberries and Almond butter.

Whip it Good Oats

Bring water to a boil.
Add 1/3 cup of oatmeal and 1/2 T of chia;
Reduce to a low heat and add 50g (about 1/2 – though I used about 1/4 of the banana in the oats and used the rest on the top of them) a thinly sliced banana;

When well whipped, add 1/4 cup of egg whites;

Add stevia, cinnamon and so forth to taste, then transfer into a bowl and add toppings!
The toppings, 1/4 banana, 1/4 cup blueberries and a handful of Love Grow Oats. Oh, and 1/2T of Almond butter, of course.

Following my breakfast (or, about an hour or so later), I completed – yet another – yoga hybrid work out. Thanks to Courtney@SweetToothSweetLife I’ve really gotten into hybrid work outs! I love the benefits of yoga, but my HIITs are something I don’t want to stop. I love them way too much.

Widdle my Middle Work Out

What You’ll Need:
Yoga mat, water, interval timer

Warm up: 1 minute jog + 1 minute AMRAP Sun Salutations

Set your Interval Timer to six rounds of four minute intervals (30 seconds high; 10 seconds low), with 2 minute breaks in between each set – these breaks will not be used for rest, so take breaks as needed.

You will be repeating this series, two times through.
Each series is comprised of two yoga-inspired toning moves: One which targets abs, the other targets your obliques.

Series One: Downward Dog Series
Move one: Begin in downward dog position and using your abs, pull your body forward into a plank. Pull your left leg into your elbow, then return to plank and pull right leg in. Continue this AMRAP for 1 minute.
Move two: Preform the same movements, only pull the leg to the opposite elbow. Left to right; right to left. 1 min AMRAP

Preform your 4 minute HIIT. 30 seconds high, 10 low. Any cardio you’d like.

Series Two; Boat Pose Series
Move one: Begin in Boat Pose (your but rested on the ground, you body creating a V-shape. Legs extended off the ground). Slowly lower until feet and head are about 1-inch off the ground, then return to boat position. AMRAP 1 min.
Move two: Remain in boat pose, but instead of lowering, hold your hands over your chest (feet held in air) and twist, letting your elbows touch the ground behind you (russian twist). 1 min AMRAP

Perform your 4 minute HIIT.

Series Three: Side Plank Series

Move One: In side plank (on left), lift your right leg and preform a side crunch with your right arm. AMRAP 30 sec.
Move Two: Hold chataranga. AMRAP 30 second
Repeat on opposite side.

Preform your 4 minute HIIT.

Done! (Again, repeat once more for a really sweaty work out!)

Immediately after that, I enjoyed a yogurt mess including a serving of Puffins, blueberries and another 1/2T almond butter. This went un-pictured, as I was really hungry.

Later, for lunch, I enjoyed this bad boy:

It was a turkey salad, with roasted squash, 1/2 and apple, mushrooms, cucumber and a little hummus. After that I wasn’t fully satisfied, so I enjoyed a Simply Bar (I love these).

At around four – still at work – I grabbed a Oskri Bar (I love that this company states that their products are Halal. Supportin’ my boy!)

By the time I got home, I was ready for a Salmon and Sprout Salad! I threw in some asparagus, mushrooms, greens and hummus.

I ended the night with my a-typical bowl of fruit, AB and greek yogurt, tea and called it a night.

That is all!

Stay Sweet,


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