Dreams is a five-letter word.

Good morning to everyone! It’s absolutely beautiful where I am. I hope you can say the same!

a simple sunday

Today’s simple Sunday is kind of dedicated to my Mama. My Mama is one of the best… let me say it again… BEST… baker’s there ever has, or ever will be. Baking and Mama are total mix-y things (much unlike Caitlyn and baking)! In the past, it was not at all unheard of for Mama and I to spend Sunday’s making tasty baked goods to share with our misters.

But most recently, she’s really outdone herself.

This is my Mamabear’s version of my Omar’s absolute favorite cake. It is actually her third attempt, which is impressive in my mind. Do you see how many layers that thing has? Ya, she’s a superstar.

The first attempt was a total flop, but I partially blame that on us not exactly knowing what we were doing. We had never tried to make a layer cake like that before, so we were not at all surprised that it didn’t work. The second time was a little more impressive. The third go at it… well, you’ve seen the picture. It is fantastic.

Everyone enjoyed it. Everyone. I enjoyed a bite. I scavenged my mother’s slice for the piece with the largest amount of jam, hoping to go unnoticed. No such luck. Apparently the word ‘discreet’ doesn’t describe me very well.

I’m sure you can all agree. The smell of fresh baked goods – whether you’re a frequent eater of them, or not – leaves a sweet and soft feeling. Especially when they’re made by your MamaBear – unfortunately for you, that won’t be as good as those made by MY Mamabear :P.

so little time…

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a lover of lists. The lists could be anything: grocery, to-do, pro-con… you name it, I want to write a list about it. I’ve also always have been a lover of the words, ‘one day I want to…’

So, as I’m sure you can imagine, it didn’t take long for me to realize there was only one thing to do.

Comprise a list of things I want to do.

Now, before you think that you’re going to be reading a long and endless list, I’ll ease your mind in telling you that I’ve narrowed it down to my current top five. This is not an exhausted list and will be added to. I will write – in my ever popular orange font divider – ‘bucket list’ to let you know that I’m adding to the list.

1. Acquire the needed education to be able to open my own wellness studio, focusing on both mental (therapy) and physical (fitness and yoga) well-being
During the days of Ed, I found it hard to find it in me to do anything, at all. My mother consistently told me to get a hobby; trying to reestablish my love for photography and writing, she wished with all her heart that I would find a light in me again. I never did. I’ll always looks at Ed as a kind of serendipitous thing: it was a total mistake, with a beautiful outcome. Yes, I’ve hurt myself, but I’ve always rediscovered myself. In doing that, I’ve discovered that my true passion is helping others. So, now it is my ultimate goal to open up a wellness center.

2. Become a professional wellness blogger and certified personal trainer
This is very similar to the above. Fitness and writing have both been huge positive forces in my life, especially during my recovering over Ed. Watching others grow via the blogging world has inspired me to grow myself. It’s been a long hard road, but the blogging world has been so helpful. Because of this, I want to contribute to that. Furthermore, fitness has become a huge passion of mine. By falling in love with fitness, I’ve wanted to become strong, not skinny. Nothing makes me feel more alive then going down and working out. It’s a beautiful feeling, I will assure you. I want to help people find their own love for fitness, whether that be running, Pilates, dancing, anything! I want to help people love their bodies and treat them correctly.

3. Become a certified yoga instructor
In the above section I discussed how I didn’t care what form of fitness someone wanted to adhere to, I just wanted to help them adhere to it. Well, mine is yoga. I’m not just referring to the relaxing ‘yin’ yoga (although, they are extremely important), but also the more aerobic versions of yoga. In all honesty, my interest in being a yoga instructor would be to use yoga principles, yet add strength training and cardio training. Think, Spin+Yoga! Or my hybrids, or intense Vinyasa. I’ve also become very interested in Barre styled work outs, which isn’t offered anywhere in my location. Hmm! Regardless, when I work out, I love to feel beautiful and elegant. Almost angelic. Then, I like to kick my ass, like a warrior. I think the balance is most important. So, one, I’d like to become a yoga instructor.

4. Get back into photography (with a focus on flowers, food and babies)
Remember how I mentioned that during my encounter with Ed I was reluctant to do anything? Well, most recently I’ve pulled out my camera again – and, on my own. During the winter, I pulled it out because every time I did, my mother seemed to happy, thereby making me happy. But, this time, I pulled it out because the camera itself made me happy. With each picture I take my passion grows and grows. One day I would love to be the photographer for a cookbook. That would be my dream. I love capturing a beautiful meal on the camera. Something about food just photographs so beautifully. Same goes for flowers. I honestly think all problems can be solved by looking at flowers. I love them. But mostly, I want to take pictures of babies and baby bellies. If you know me at all, I am obsessed with children and babies (and… a certain event that – I think – should preface the two). Every time I see a baby belly, I become entranced by it. It’s like it’s a hypnotic ball, entrancing me or something. If you’ve ever seen Wildflowers Photography you’d know what type of photography I’m referring to. Simply and elegant. Beautiful. I’m also of the mindset that all problems can be solved if you send exactly one hour with a child. Try it; it’ll work.

and lastly, but certainly not least…

5. Be a wife and a mother…
This is by far the most important one on my list. And, in all honestly, the reason I made this list. Today my BabaBear took my out for a lovely afternoon. Knowing that I’m a lover of crafts, he took me to Clay Cafe to paint something! We’ve done it before and I absolutely love it. When I get in there, it’s like go time. I’m all paint and no game. It’s serious business. Afterward, we went for a lovely walk around the neighborhood, looking at houses. We discussed which ones we liked – and which ones we really didn’t. Then, we started to discuss our future home; our future family. Being a wife and a mother would just – ah! One day, it is my goal to have a place the basement of my own home – like a home office – where I will take my clients, along with a workout room, for my yoga/fitness classes related. Why from home? Because the mere idea of being able to be near my children as much as possible makes me happiest. Perhaps it’s because my mother was an at-home mother/daycare owner when I was a child. I feel like this contributed a great deal to our current relationship (best friends) and would absolutely love to be able to have that relationship with my children one day. This, to me, is ‘bliss’.

I hope to one day have at least one of these five things. Preferably more, but let’s not be greedy.

OK. I want it all. Can you blame me, though?

Stay sweet,



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