I Love You to the Moon Legs and Booty Work Out

Today I woke up with a goal in mind.

today’s work out

I’ve been becoming very interested in not only yoga, but Pilates and Barre styled exercises. So, this morning I knew I wanted to incorporate some Barre and/or Pilates into my work out. I also wanted to create a work out with my boyfriend in mind. My favorite part of my body to work out is my thighs and my booty and he’s my favorite boy; made sense to me.

I Love You to the Moon Leg and Booty Work out
What you’ll need: Interval timer, yoga mat, water
Set your interval timer to four rounds of four minutes (40 seconds/20 seconds), with four minutes breaks (which will be AMRAPs) in between each round.

There will be two sequences, a standing sequence and a floor sequences – both will be repeated twice through.

Begin with a 5 minute cardiovascular warm up (anything you want; just get that heart rate to the moon)

Sequence One: Floor Sequence

Begin in tree pose.

Pull your right leg behind you and ease into Warrior 2 position. For 20-40 seconds (depending how long it takes you to get into position) preform a lunge (partially to the side). For 20 seconds, place all of your weight on your right left, and pulse your left leg up and down, never letting the your foot tough the ground.

At the 20 second mark, lower yourself into half-moon position, with the balance on your right leg. For 20-40 seconds (depending how long it takes you to get into the pose) raise and lower a straight left leg. For 20 seconds, with your leg extended into the air, create a small crescent moon with your foot.

At the 20 second mark, raise your body up into a strong warrior one position, left leg leading. For 20-40 seconds, preform a full lunge. Try to keep a 90 degree angle in your knee, but go down as far as you’re comfortable going. For 20 seconds – you guessed it – hold a low lunge, left leg leading – and pulse.

At the 20 seconds mark, pull both legs in line with each other and lower into Goddess Pose. For 20-40 seconds preform a Plie squat, going as low as you comfortable can and then rising onto your tip toes. For 20 seconds, lower into full Goddess pose and pulse.

You’ve completed your floor sequence.

The next eight minutes is pure cardio: An eight minute AMRAP.
50 high knees (Each knee up counts as one), 25 low jacks, 50 high knees, 25 plie squat jumps. Repeat until eight minutes are up.

Sequence Two: Floor Sequence

Begin in a Boat pose variation, resting your fore-arms on the floor behind you, with extended legs. For 20-40 seconds, open two straight legs to the side, then pull them into each other and cross your feet, alternating front foot. For 20 seconds, hold your legs and feet straight – toes pointed – and create small crescent moons with your feet.

At the 20 second mark, reposition yourself into table pose. For 20-40 seconds, raise your left leg straight out and then pull it into your chest, lower and repeat. Try not to let it touch the ground. For 20 seconds, create the same moon with your foot.

At the 20 second mark, turn over into bridge pose with your left leg extended straight into the air. For 20-40 seconds, create a large moon with your foot. Begin by lowering your left leg until it is parallel to the ground, then returning it to an upright position, then – keep it straight – pull your foot to your left side as far as you can, comfortably. (OK. So this will look more like an ‘L’, but we’re keeping up with the moon theme, kapish?)

At the 20 second mark, lower your body to the ground (on your right side), head rested in the palm of your right hand. For 20-40 seconds, create the beautiful moon with your legs by lifting a straight right leg high into the air and then lowering it until it is one inch off the mat. Then, for 20 seconds, keep your foot extended and create a small moon with your foot.

You’ve completed sequence two.

Preform your eight minute AMRAP again.

Once done, repeat both sequences – AMRAPs included – but change up the leading side. The main focus within the description if your left leg, so focus the second round on your right.

The great thing about this work out is that even the stationary leg is working a great deal to strengthen, as your elegantly tone your leg in motion. I highly recommend this work out!

In case you’re unclear of the postures, here are images of them!

Warrior 2 position:

Half Moon position:

Warrior One position:

Goddess position:

Bridge position:

That’s all for now!

I’ll probably add another entry later, as this was purely a fitness related post.

Stay lovely,


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