Post one of the day: June Challenge! YOGA

Well, first things first!

I divided my posts into two because this one is just for the challenge, while my other one will be all rambles and good stuff!

june yoga challenge
Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

I’ve been doing my own thing with the yoga challenge, to be quite honest. Being that I an aspiring yoga/Pilates instructor, I’ve been using the June Yoga challenge as a way to test myself and see if I can actually create my own yoga sequences (instead of just following others).

This week I incorporated yoga everyday with awesome Sun Salutes!

Session One: I did a ab yoga sequence the included boat pose, plank pose, side plank, followed my a classic Warrior 1/2/3 sequence.
Session two: I used Goddess pose, chair pose and Warrior three pose in a circuit to tone my booty.
Session three: I did the Long and Lean (10 minute) routine from TIU beach babe DVD.

Session four (personal favorite of the week) was a tricep focused work out (see yesterday’s post for the work out). I managed to incorporate dolphin pose and inverted plank pose, which I hadn’t done, yet. It was a great challenge for me.

Today’s session was also very yoga based. It was an workout with core focus, that used yoga poses, as well as Pilates, to tone, shed fat and stretch – my front body needed some elongating.

today’s workout

Saluting your Sunshine Abs
Needed: yoga mat, interval timer
Set your interval timer to three five minute rounds (40/20 intervals), with 5 minute breaks.

2 minute cardio warm up of choice.

5 minute yoga ab routine – do each yoga posture/toning exercise for one minute.
– Plank with alternating knee pull ins (pull right knee to right side of chest, then return and repeat on left side). 1 minute
– Side plank oblique twists (Think of TIU warm hugs) 30 seconds each side.
– Mountain climbers. 1 minute
– Low plank / chatarunga hold. 1 minute
– Plank with alternating knee pull ins, with oblique focus (pull right knee to left side of chest, then return and repeat on left side). 1 minute.

5 minute HIIT: This is your cardio. 40/20 intervals. Anything you want. Bike, jog, sprint, body weight work! I did high knees, oblique squats, and gliders for this. Lately – just a side note – for cardio, I’ve been loving just jumping around, haha. Anything that’ll get my sweating, basically.

5 minute break. Not! This will be a yoga AMRAP challenge. Complete a vinyasa flow styled Sun Salute (mountain–>forward bend–>forward bent with back extended–>jump to plank–>chataranga—>upward dog–>plank–>downward dog–> jump to forward bend–>mountain pose) (each pose to breath) continuously for 2.5-5 minutes. Once you’re until able to continue (don’t push yourself too far!) rather a) rest in child’s pose for 30 seconds and then continue the rest of the time with a light jog/walk. Or, just go right into a light jog/walk.

Repeat the 5 minute HIIT above! Again, any way you want.

5 minute AMRAP challenge. Yep, again. Only this time. Add some Warrior Woman material! mountain–>forward bend–>forward bent with back extended–>jump to plank–>chataranga—>upward dog–>plank–>downward dog–> pull right leg forward to warrior one –> return to plank –> repeat on left –> return to plank –> jump to forward bend–>mountain pose. Again, when tired, please listen to your body and stop. These vinyasas create heat and flow and could therefore cause one to become rather a) dizzy or b) light-headed. We don’t want that, at all. Ensure that with each pose you’re watching your form. Get the positioning right, then worry about how fast you’re going. Keep in tune with your breath. Connect with it.

5 minute yoga ab work in boat pose. One minute of each move.
– Boat star move (lean back, tips of toes place gently to the ground and with straight arms, twist your torso, allowing your hands to reach the ground behind you. This will work your obliques. Keep core engaged. 1 minute
– Low boat hold. 1 minute
– Full boat hold. 1 minute
– Lie on your back with your head one inch from the ground and alternate lifting you legs and reaching for your foot with your opposite hand. 1 minute
– Place arms behind you, sturdy, but lean back to really engage the abs. Hold one leg one inch from the ground and hold that other roughly 45 degress from the ground. Point your toe and make small circles with your foot. Continue for 30 seconds. Repeat with other leg.

Stretch and done.

As mentioned before, my front body needed serious attention. So, I created a 5 minute yoga flow, holding each pose for about five breaths.
Mountain–> forward bend –> plank –> upward dog –> downward dog –> warrior one –> reverse warrior –> repeat, but with other leg –> plank –> downward dog –> staff pose –> inverted plank –> staff pose –> cat/cow stretch –> camel pose –> plank –> pigeon with back leg up (90 degree angle in the knee) –> continue that pose, but reach arms back holding erected foot with both hands, to really hope the front body –> repeat on other side –> plank pose –> downward dog –> child’s pose –> savasana!

It was something along those lines. I knew what parts of my body required stretchin’ attention. It wasn’t really planned, just done. 🙂

I think that sums it up.

My favorite move by far this week was my Warrior 1-Warrior 3 tricep move.

If you missed it before, essentially, you begin in Warrior 1, with your hands above your head holding 2-5 lb dumbbells. You then preform one overhead Tricep extension and as you return your hands to an upright position, you lean forward into a Warrior three pose, while strongly bringing your arms forward in front of you, then preforming one tricep extension from that position. After you complete 15 reps of that, hold warrior three and create small backward pulses with your arms.

It is so effective! I love it.

Stay sweet. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Post one of the day: June Challenge! YOGA

    • Hahaha, yes. To one degree or another. I used to do 50-70 minutes of power yoga every single day. I was addicted to the point where I killed it for myself. This challenge was a way to get it back in my life.
      I’m aspiring to be a yoga and Pilates instructor (with me own twist : P).

      I am glad you like it. I won’t lie, I was a sweat ball after it. I wasn’t expecting to be that disgusting, but I was! 😛

      Thanks for the love. 🙂

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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