Post Number Two: Friday Five

I’m starting a new weekly entry.

The Friday Five

Essentially what this will consist of is five things I really want to share with my – however few there are – readers. There will be five topics (Favorite Moment, Favorite Food, Favorite Exercise, Favorite Craft and Favorite Quote). Ya ready?

Favorite Moment

Spending a beautiful night with my boyfriend, Omar, only to wake up with him next to me!

This, right here, is one of my most cherished pieces of jewelry. He bought it for me when he was away on a trip. I absolutely love everything about it. When I work out, I need to remove it, or else it whacks me in the face. The first thing I do, Omar, after working out, is putting it back on. I hate being with it. 🙂

Favorite Food

After a lot of hmm’ing and haw’ing, I decided to take the shrimp out of my freezer today and put it to use. I made a really tasty salad of grilled shrimp, grilled asparagus, celery, mushrooms and greens, with a peanut coconut lime dressing. It was good.

Oh, yes. Of course there was quinoa!

Favorite Exercise

Currently I am loving anything inspired by Yoga and Barre. I have a great interest in getting more involved with Barre, and have been doing ample reasearch on Barre3 (as it blends together my three favorite work out styles: yoga, pilates and barre).

Favorite Quote

I thought that this was perfect for the theme of my week: accepting change and not being afraid. Instead of fearing what I don’t know, I need to start wanting to try new things and be more open to the possibility to what I could learn.

Favorite Craft

OK. I think this is nifty. I don’t know if I’d use it for my wedding, but I really like the idea. And, I tend to have a few extra tiles… so maybe!

But also…

Painting some serious clay! 😀

– – –

These are my Friday Five for this week.
I will make those things! I will. 🙂

Stay sweet,



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