Learning to Fly

daily thoughts

This fall I will be returning to University after a two-year hiatus.

Immediately following my high school graduation, I – a young, eager student – set sail to pursue my post-secondary education and, furthermore, a career. Like most of us, I thought I had all figured out. Four years here, two years there; get my Master’s degree and then, finally, get those beautiful letters behind my name.

Then, I lost my footing.

For the next two years, I stayed where it was safe. I didn’t want to go back to school of fear of falling once again. I thought that since it happened to me once, the chance of it happening again was inevitable. They do say history always repeats itself.

Eventually I created my own little nest, where no one or nothing could hurt or affect me. Which was fine, for about 30 seconds. Instead of living, I began to go through the motions. I will admit that for a while I turned to alcohol to numb all the pain that was within me (this behavior was very much unlike me, which has a great impact on my current opinion of over-consumption of alcohol). My life was no mine anymore; I’d lost flight with no idea how to fly again.

I am sure you’ve all experienced this, or something similar, as least once in your life. Whether is be in relation to school, work or relationships, we’ve all – I’m sure – fallen. The wind caught our wing wrong, throwing off our aerodynamics and leading us straight to the ground below. It is no one’s idea of a good time.

But how do we safely overcome it?

First what you need to understand is that there is absolutely no rush, whatsoever. You are the one in control of your life. Not your parents, your boyfriend, you best friends or your teachers. Only you. That’s the first – and hardest – thing to come to terms with. Why? Because human beings it is almost as if we are hardwired to constantly worry about what others – especially those closest to us – think. I know; I’m the worst for it.

So, that’s the first step:

Step One. Recognize that you are the only owner of your wings

After that, you need to relinquish all fear. You might be thinking something like: “Wait, what? After accepting that I am my own controller, all that there is left to do is the actual letting go of fear? I feel like there should be at least one… no, two… more steps here”.

Sorry to break it to you guys, but like a band-aid you just need to giv’er.

Step Two. Spread those wings

The thing with fear is that the more we let it exist, the bigger it will get. Imagine your fear as a really weird and disgusting mole on your face. I know, I know. But, keep with me. So, you’ve got this big ol’ blueberry right in your forehead, right? And each time you look at it, or remember that you have it, it gets bigger. Eventually, you will be unable to get your mind off the darn thing. Now, you’ve got a mole the size of Texas.


So, being that you’re now all unadorned and mole-y faced, you’re probably wondering why you didn’t go to the doctor and nip it in the bud, instead of constantly worrying and stressing about it, right? Ya, I am too kind of.

The exact same principle applies to fear. Fear of anything. There is no right way to get over it, but there is certainly no reason to stay surrounded by it. Again, I am not suggesting you pressure yourself into anything. You will do what you will in your own time. Much like your the rest of the peers in your life, my opinions hold very little baring on what you should and should not do with yourself.

So, I’ve ramble a lot already, I know. But, I am not quite finished.

While at work last night, it occurred to me that it is almost July. Meaning, it’s almost September. Woah. In all honestly, I’ve already been pining over notebooks (I am in no way afraid to admit that my favorite forms of shopping do include back-t0-school). From there I realized that I did it. I, myself, had overcome my fear of flying. No longer am I afraid of falling down again, because I know that with time I’ll get right back up and try again. That’s life, right? Making mistakes, learning from them – and then making them again.

So, I guess, What I’ve learned is that fear will never stop. In fact, it isn’t about stopping fear, at all. The moment we stop fearing things, is the moment we stop really feeling things. If nothing affected us, then we would be affected by nothing. Get what I’m sayin’? What we need to focus on is how we deal or overcome with the fear. So, instead of letting it grow, tell yourself every time that you get scared that there is always – at least – one person looking out for you.

Think I am wrong?

I’m not.

It’s you.

You need to trust yourself to believe that you can be the very best that you can be. Also, you need to accept that the very best that you can be is absolutely beautiful, no matter what that is.


Now, obviously this has lead to one awesome workout!

Baby Butterfly Workout
What you’ll need: 2-5 lb dumbbells, interval timer and a yoga mat
Set your interval timer for 2 six minute rounds of 40/20 intervals, with 8 minute rest periods between each

Warm Up. 2 minutes
Jog for one minute. Jumping jacks for one minute.

Circuit (Will be repeated two times through. During the second circuit, repeat all exercises on other leg. Other changes will be stated later).

Move One: Spreading your Wings. One minute.

Fly: Being in Mountain pose and step forward into a strong Warrior One Position. Complete one forward lunge, while pulling your arms into a forward (weight in hands) arm raise. Return to mountain. Repeat as many times as possible for 40 seconds.
Flutter: If not in Warrior One position, ease into it. Begin pulsing both your arms forward, and your legs into a lunge. Continue for 20 seconds.

Move Two: Pulling Back your Wings. One Minute.
Fly: From Warrior One, lean forward lifting your back leg into Warrior three position. Let your arms set, hips and forearms meeting. Begin to raise your back leg and both arms to your rear, then with control touch the tip of your toe toe the ground, while sturdily returning your arms to their original spot. Continue for 40 seconds.
Flutter: Hold yourself in Warrior 3 and begin to pulse both your raised leg and arms backward. Continue for 20 seconds.

Move Three: Fearfully Flowing. One Minute.
Fly: Return your raised leg to the ground, easing your body into Warrior two position. Slowly lower into a low side lunge, as you fly your arms out laterally. Continue motion for 40 seconds.
Flutter: Hold a low side lunge, pulsing back leg (the leg opposite to the one your lunging with). While doing this, hold your arms our laterally, circling with your hands. Continue for 20 seconds.

Move Four: Falling Fly. One Minute.
Fall: Spin your arms gently forward into downward dog position with a split leg. With strong arms, begin to raise and lower your back leg (the same leg which you pulsed in the previous move). Only allow your toe to touch the ground before returning to a downward dog split position. Continue for 40 seconds.
Flutter: Hold split dog position and create a small win (or, 3) shape with a pointed toe. Continue for 20 seconds.

Move five: Fearing to Fly. One Minute.
Fall: Lower into a chaturanga pose, then lay body on the ground. Begin to lift arms and legs off the floor, one inch at the same time. Continue for 40 seconds.
Flutter: Reach you arms back, pulling your legs up ease into bow pose and hold for 20 seconds.

Move six: Goddess Fly
Fly: Raise to plank, jump your legs forward and position into Goddess Squat. Continue a weighted Goddess Squat for 40 seconds.
Flutter: Hold low Goddess squat and pulse arms upward for 20 seconds.

You will preform this circuit two times through, but the second time on your other leg.
In between each circuit, do this for 8 minutes, with as few breaks as possible.
40 high knees, 30 gliders and 10 star jumps. Repeat. This will get your heart-rate flying.


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