Simply Stressful Stress Sunday!

The last few posts that I’ve made have been kind of… heavy. For me. I mean, if you didn’t know any better you’d probably think I was like super-duper serious. Half of this will be, there other half is dedicated to fun.

simple sunday


I know, I know. You get it. My MamaBear is big deals. OK. Yes, but that is not all.

Today’s Simple Sunday lends itself to the feeling I get – and hopefully the feeling you get – when you make one of your favorite people smile or laugh. I know it sounds kind of silly, but nothing makes me more content than knowing I’ve made the people I love around me happy. Yes, this also applies to others (most notably, a one Mr. Omar), but right now this is about my Mama.

Last night, I was bored – Omar was working and Mama had fallen asleep while I blogged – so I took it upon myself to write something up for my mother. I’m a big note person. It’s amusing, to be honest. I’ll leave an I love you wherever I can.

Regardless, my mothers face and reaction to what I had written was was enough to keep me completely happy for the rest of the day.

I really think people should let others know how they really feel about them more often – providing it is good things. Take that as a challenge. Today, you need to go up to just one person whom you love and let them know you love them. They’ll love hearing it, and you’ll love the brightness of their face immediately following.

OK. I just tested that out on my mother. I more freaked her out than anything else. She looked at me, like a dear in the headlights and said, ‘what?’. She loves me. She was just shocked because she’s focused on her potatoes (she’s making potatoes; I’m not using potatoes as some weird slang).
Omar, I love you.
Kathryn, I love you.
Hannah, I love you.
Auntie A, I love you.
Dad, I love you.
Zooey Luigi, I love you.
Readers, I love you.
I love you. I love you. I love you.

sunday stresses!

Alright. So, I like to eat healthy. I like to eat clean. What I don’t like? Spending too much money. Since turning to this healthy lifestyle, I’ve become pretty… relaxed regarding exactly how much I spend on my groceries, weekly. Now that I am going back to school, I realize that I need to focus a bit more… OK, a lot more, on watching what I spend. In general I am not much of a spender. I’m not the type of girl who sees a shirt and pines longingly after it for days on end, nor am I the girl who has too many shoes. The moment I step food into a grocery store, contrarily, and it is over.


I don’t know. I really don’t know what I am doing wrong, but I am know that there needs to be a better way. So, I’m devising a plan. I’m on a budget. Effective immediately. Not only that, but I am on a general meal plan. This shouldn’t be too difficult for me, I don’t think. I am the girl who boasts about being a planner, so planning my meals and budgeting will just give me more things to plan, right?


I’m quite worried.

The Goal:

  • To cut my weekly grocery store budget by 20%
  • To maintain a healthy, clean diet – eating small meals five-six times daily

The Plan

  • Each Sunday will be dedicated to creating my meals. Each meal will include one complex carbohydrate and one lean protein source, while ensuring I get 3-4 quality servings of healthy fats (adhering to my lovely ‘clean eating diet’);
  • Simplify my meals. Simple and whole foods are not only good for my body, but also my pocket book.
  • Stock up on ‘bulk’ items which I love (quinoa, oatmeal, unsweetened almond milk, etc)
  • Learn how to make more indulgent recipes (protein bars, hummus, granola, etc) at home. Not only are the ingredients in these items generally cheap, but they’re relatively easy to make. Not to mention, by making them at home, I can control sugar levels and ingredients.
  • Take one day of each week to prepare foods for the week (roast veggies, make hummus, etc)
  • Buy a tea traveler and use it – go green… đŸ˜€
  • Cut out unnecessary indulgences, like chewing gum (ugh)
  • Hug my bags of frozen fruits and veggies, as they will become my best friends

Foods I Will Never Give Up – or, more accurately stated, that which I am willing to splurge on

      1. Almond Butter
        To me, almond butter is a staple. I have 2tbsp, daily. Chopped up throughout the day, a tsp here, or a 1/2 a tbsp there, but I always have at least 1 tbsp and 1 tsp a day. So, for me, this is essential. The container I buy SHOULD last me two weeks, so there is no reason why I cannot continue to have my almond butter.
      2. Greek Yogurt
        In all honesty, I think this is my biggest downfall. I, currently, have three tubs in my fridge. They’re 5.99 each. It’s ridiculous, but I love Greek Yogurt. I think, what I might do, is stop relying on Greek Yogurt so much. Instead of having it daily, try having it every two days, while introducing another form of protein into my diet – which costs less. Examples include: Laughing Cow Cheese, perhaps I’ll get cottage cheese back into my life.
      3. Turkey/Salmon
        These are my favorite ‘meats’. I found a type of turkey breast, which is made of all-natural ingredients, but is pre-cooked. It certainly makes me life a whole heck of a lot easier. I will continue to buy this. It is 10 dollars for about a weeks worth, and I eat it all. So, I feel like that is ONE staple I can continue.
      4. Avocado
        I absolutely love avocado. In fact, it is my favorite ‘fat’. Naturally it would be the most expensive. I need about two a week, so I feel as though I should be able to have that.
      5. Hummus
        I am going to commit to making that at home. Let’s face it, chick peas are way cheaper than hummus itself. Tahini isn’t too pricey either. Again, by making this from home, I’ll also be controlling what goes into it.

These five things are my biggest indulgences.

Produce, Produce, Produce

For this, I will need to start buying ONLY what I know I will eat.
My go-to salad fixings: spring mix, mushrooms, cucumber, celery, roasted veggies (brussels, squash, eggplant, asparagus, broccoli), carrots, zucchini, peppers. These are the veggies I pretty much love and stick to eating. So, each week I’ll pick a few and eat them. Then next, I’ll pick a few different. To keep variety up and cost down.

My fruits stay consistent: bananas (3 large), bag of apples, frozen berries and 2-4 other pieces of fruit.

Meal planning will become key here. Knowing what exactly I am having will help me to not over-purchase.

Good Snack ideas:

Apple with nut butter or Laughing Cow Wedges
Oskri Bar
Homemade protein bar
Greek Yogurt with fruit or whole grain cereal
Veggies with hummus
Protein shake

I will do this!
I will make this happen!

I hope…
I am worried.

Wish me luck.


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