wednesday wows and work outs

It is a ‘W’ kind of day.

wednesday wows
Today is June 27th, 2012. To you, this date means very little. Unless, of course, you happen to know someone who was born on this day. Or, perhaps it is your birthday. If so, Happy Birthday to You. I hope you indulge in some cake. Regardless, today  – to me – is a very exciting day. Today marks mine and Omar’s 10 month anniversary. 
Now I am well aware of how annoying it can be when couples go on and on about their monthly anniversaries – especially if you have been in a relationship for well over a year or two, and think their excitement is ‘cute’ or ‘amateur’. Unfortunately for you, I don’t give two figs!
For me, this is a really huge deal. I spent many years thinking I’d never find someone who’d put up with my neuroses for 10 days, let alone 10 months. But, I did. Which just makes me want to reassure everyone out there looking for their BabaBear, that you will. You just need to look in unexpected places. Like, your Warehouse, for example.

My Favorite Moments

Our first date:  Our first date was at Putting Edge. Cute. I kicked his rump, by default (his ball got stuck in the last thing, therefore leading to my triumph).

Being Asked Out for a Second Date: We work together, so my second invite happened quickly after a morning meeting. As soon as everyone left from the meeting, he hung back, looked at me and asked me if I liked Cora’s. When I told him I did, he quickly said, ‘we are both off Saturday morning. Can we go to Cora’s?’ I said okay and he walked away.
Our first attempt at a kiss: Having known each other for a year, the concept of kissing each other was odd. So, we did what any mature adult would do. When we were unable to decide who would initial the first kiss, we settled it over a game of rock paper scissors. A game which I lost.
Our first ‘I Love You’: I loved him first, but he said it. We were sitting in my mother’s van, waiting for her to get off of work and he said he had something he wanted to say but didn’t know how to say it.  I figured it was something small, not an I love You. Then, he spit it out. Being that I was in no way anticipating it, I think I actually thanked him or something along those lines. It was all very F.R.I.E.N.D.s
Our first sleepover: Prince George Hotel. I hog the sheets. But, there was ample snuggling.

I could go on and on about the little moments that I love. Like, how he gets the tea ready for me, every night after supper. How old are we? Or, how I get chills when the song ‘Arms’ comes on at work, because it is our song. Or, how it feels to pass him at work (we’re very professional at work, so it feels like we’re in on a secret that none of the customers know about. I kind of like it). He’s my night and shining armor. The love of my life. My life has gotten a lot brighter with him in it.
Happy Ten Months, Baba. I love you.
my weekly workout plan
thirty minute mornings session

Okay. So as I mentioned before, this week was a challenge for me. Slightly. Well, not really. Each day of this week, my manager scheduled me for 7:30AM shifts. Which, is fine. That just meant that my work outs would have to happen super early, or after work.  I love morning work outs. I really do. Nothing makes me more happy than working out in the AM. So, I opted for morning work outs.

Unfortunately, this meant I’d need to get up earlier and work out before breakfast. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it. Oh, oh I did it! Or… am doing it. I still have two days, but so far I am loving it.

I took it upon myself to make four ‘time crunch’ work outs suitable for any one who needs to get in and get out. They can be shortened or lengthened very easily. I want to start pinning my work outs, so here goes! (This could go horridly bad)

Monday’s Work Out
Tuesday’s Work Out

So, that pretty much sums up my two work outs so far this week! I want to get into Pinning my workouts more, so perhaps this is a good start.


I hope you like them!


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