I’m a little weird and you’re a little weird…

Good morning everyone!
june yoga challenge
Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

Coming into this week, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do as much yoga / yoga hybrids as I would have liked, being that I was working every day of the week and had other obligations in my life. So, Sunday I dedicated my time to an entire hour long yoga session, led by Eoin Finn.

Back in the day of my yoga addiction (70 minutes of vinyasa-styled alignment yoga, daily) he was my yogi of choice. If you’ve never tried out his yoga DVDs, I’d highly suggest it. His entirely ideology and philosophy surrounding yoga is absolutely breath-taking. He’s a surfer at heart, and in many ways tries to tie the two together. The moves of your body through yoga poses, mimic to him the sweet motion of the waves.

His flows typically start with a classic Sun Salutation A and B (B including a Warrior Pose series), then moves into a floor series, followed by seated series. Being that his is a surfer, a lot of his postures are focused on aligning the body correctly, while focusing on opening up the hips. So, you can assure that you WILL be doing some pigeon varieties.

Throughout all of his practices (usually a DVD includes at least four separate flows), there is a feeling of ease present the entire time. Finn consistently reminds you to listen to your body and only go so far as it is ready to go. Yoga is not a forceful exercise, but one that is slow and easing. So, ease. He uses terms like, ‘this should feel like hot chocolate’, or ‘this is honey for your hips’. And, you know me with honey!

When researching his DVDs prior to trying them out, I discovered that a lot of people who had tried them found that they were far too challenging for beginners. I can attest to this, but yoga is something that seemed to come naturally to me for some reason. I don’t know why, but I’ve always kind of been flexible and good with balancing my body (unless a bicycle is involved…). However if you are a true beginner, it might be wise to start with something a little less rigorous, or adhere to the beginner modifications that are included.

Alternatively, if you are more advanced in the world of yoga, there is something here for you! Challenging postures are present throughout the each series (some of which, I have to pass on because I just simply can’t bend that way), which allow every participant to grow. This is truly fun for the whole family yoga.

For more information on Eion Finn and his yoga, please go to his website: http://www.blissology.com/

The series I preformed this week is found on his Blissology DVD, which has a different yoga series for everyday of the week. I took part in the Strength and Stretch (Thursday’s workout) routine, which I love.

Also, he supports hammocks. That alone proves his credibility.

I also continued with my daily sun salutes and tried to include yoga stretches immediately following my work outs. Other than that, most unfortunately, the last week was a dud.

I did however create a Navasana challenge, which incuded holding Navasana pose for 5 minutes. The entire challenge is ten minutes, but I was kind to you and let you rest.

Navasana Challenge

Hold Navasana (boat pose)
1 minute: lower to submarine and raise to  boat
1 minute bridge pose to stretch the abs (half or full bridge)
1 minute: boat pose alternating leg raises
1 minute bridge pose to stretch the abs (half or full bridge)
1 minute hold boat pose
1 minute bridge pose to stretch the abs (half or full bridge)
1 minute boat pose, opening legs wide as possible and pulling the back to center
1 minute bridge pose to stretch the abs (half or full bridge)
1 minute alternating leg pull ins (basically a crunch in boat pose)
1 minute bridge pose to stretch the abs (half of full bridge)

friday five

favorite moment

This week my favorite moment was by far the moments following an argument had between Omar and I. Him and I rarely argue, but when we do it gets pretty heated. We both have a tendency to talk over one another, so it gets pretty ridiculous really quickly. I am not going to get into why we were fighting, or how the fight developed, but I will say that you really realize how much you love someone the moments following an argument. Somehow by the end of our phone conversation, I was left having fallen a little bit further. I absolutely hate fighting – especially with him. It hurts my heart to do it, so I do whatever I can to keep it short and sweet.

I won’t lie and say that I didn’t have a second favorite moment! The sun was shining this week, so I took it upon myself to go outside and play.

I used to spend so much time outside, taking pictures of flowers, trees and animals. I loved it. Then, I stopped due to some unfortunately things (a one Mr. Ed). But, lately, with the sunshine and the happiness in my life all I wanted to do was go outside and take pictures.

Oh, and also…

Receiving these from BabaBear is always a treat.
I love you, Mister.
Let’s not argue anymore.
No fights; just love.

favorite food

So, I’ve heard a lot of about it, but I haven’t gotten around to trying it. Until now. Laughing Cow Wedges! They’re so yummy! Lately, I’ve been obsessed with slicing an apple and smearing Laughing cow cheese over it and calling it a way. I’ve been having little snack plates for lunch lately.

It is quite possible that I am still six years of age.

favorite workout
Well, as you know, this week my time crunch work outs have been pretty much all the rage. I’ve completed my week long 7:30AM work stretch and plan to design a really great full body, 45 minute work out for tomorrow – since I don’t work. This week, my favorite workout I took part in was my work out yesterday. It really worked my but. I’ve also discovered a love for jumping lunges. I used to have such an issue with them, but I’ve definitely improved my lunge jumping! Go, uh, go team!
favorite quotes

Okay, so I saw this quote and it totally caused me to smile:

I think I have a Dr. Seuss quotation for every facet of my life.
This is all you Mister mister.

favorite craft
Alright. So, I love Yoga as you all know. I also love crafts. I’ve always wanted to create a vision board and then have it – in some way – put onto a yoga mat. That way, every time I work out, I can look at all my hopes and dreams, which would only further propel me to accomplish what I want. Fitness, along with everything else in life, is all about wanting achieve something. I am a girl with an extensive list of goals. All of which I plan to achieve. I think my first step is to making my wishes that which I look at every single day. After already establishing this as a wish, I bought the Yogalosophy DVD – by Mandy Ingber – and discovered that she actually did it. One day, I will make one of these.

I think that is all for now, though.

Stay sweet,

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