Monday Afternoon Rant

monday musings
Before getting too into this post I would like to go on record in saying that I am in no way a registered nutritionist – and have very little desire to become one. The following is merely my personal opinions pertaining to the issue and should not be treated as professional advice.
Last week, while enjoying my dinner (a turkey salad made with brussel sprouts, cucumber, hummus, avocado, and other yummy trimmings) a lady I work with turned to me and showcased a lackluster declaration of concern. While I shoved back my meal, she uttered the words, ‘it’ll be some hard to get you’re 1200 calories on just a salad’.
Now, okay. Fair enough. If you plan on making a salad of lettuce and cucumber the only meal you have in a day, then sure… valid point. I was however eating for – probably – the fifth time that day, and had a salad that probably calculated around 350 calories (or something to that extent; I’m not sure, specifically). She was quite lucky that I had just taken a mouthful as it gave me the opportunity to think before I spoke. Instead of saying something that I would regret, I smirked and smiled. Then, as the urge was too strong, I uttered, ‘I eat way more than 1200 calories a day… don’t worry’.
Then, she decided it was time to educate me – a girl who has spent way too much time researching both health and fitness.

Typically, I am extremely happy to exchange information with people on these subjects. To say I know everything is completely bogus, so I make it a constant effort to not give off that vibe. The lady – on the other hand – didn’t care too much. She essentially informed me that that was the number they say you should aim for in a day.

Where is she getting her information?

It was then that the urge became far too strong to ignore. Simply I replied, ‘well, no. Actually that is what you call your BMR, which is that amount of energy your body requires to partake in activities that require virtually no activity. Like, breathing, beating – even digesting’. After that, the conversation went smoothly. I informed her that 2000-2200 calories is actually a relatively healthy base for someone trying to gauge how much energy they needed.
This got me thinking, though.
What is our obsession with calories?
First of all, we regard them as if they’re some deadly thing. Which, is quite ironic due to the fact that we would die if we consumed too little. So, why are we so cautious about how many calories we eat?
The typical person – I’d imagine – will look at nothing other than the calorie number on the nutritional information of food. They’ll ignore what really matters – like how much of it you need, the amount of fiber or protein, and so on. I’ve heard women say, ‘that has 230 calories in it; put it back’. Okay, why? In my opinion 230 calories is a decent number for a snack. My snacks are usually between 200-250 calories as it is. So, why is that a big deal? Maybe that 250 calories is full of healthy fats, lean proteins and fiber to keep you full and… you betchya, thin.
Next time you’re picking up something to snack on, instead of worrying about the number of calories being too high, try to focus on ensuring the the number of calories is coming from certain places. If the majority of them are coming from saturated fats and refines sugars, maybe you’re right to fear that that. However if that number comes from mostly healthy fats and protein, then I see no reason why you can’t indulge!
my favorite 200-250 snacks
Oskri Bars… sometimes with a little nut butter.
Fruit and nut butters/nuts , with greek yogurt
Granola (Love Grown, specifically) or whole grain cereals (Cinnamon Puffins/Kashi) over Greek Yogurt
….probably with a nut butter…
Carrots, celery and hummus or laughing cow cheese… or both and whole grain crackers (optional: currently I am loving Nut Thins and Lentil Crackers)Is it evident that I like nut butters? I just don’t feel right eating nuts when they have not been blended up into a smooth butter-like substance.

This is truly not an exhausted list. I could easily think  of several more. Just try to look for items with minimal ingredients and you’ll be fine. 🙂

move it monday madness
Today was another early morning! Which means, another early morning work out! I was scheduled this morning for a lower body work out. Yesterday I was – for some reason – in no way interested in creating a new workout. So, I didn’t. This morning, I woke up at 5AM with absolutely no work out planned… and, I rocked it.
I thought I could justify the lack of creativity because my work out yesterday was so awesome. And, yep. I really could. I had planned the intervals I wanted to use already, so that was good. But what moves I was going to use… I didn’t know.
I ended up sweating up a storm and loving every minute of it.
Have you ever done that before? Gone into a work out completely blind? Maybe you have and I am just being a fool for getting jazzed, but oh baby am I jazzed.
Anyhow, I think that pretty much sums up my words for today.

Tomorrow I plan to do something really special – 🙂

Stay sweet,
regardless of how many calories you maybe!

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