The Great Balancing Act

the beauty within balance 
In life there are several things that are not just ‘should haves’, but ‘must haves’.
A little black dress, a spare remote control – for when one gets lost and proper system to ensure that all of your socks are accounted for after going into the wash…
And, most importantly, balance.
Balance – to must people – becomes a quality in life that is widely seen as trivial. Sure, we might need fancy sport cars and ridiculously expensive bags, but balance is simply a word which is used to describe circus acts. I, too, have been guilty of this general lack of attention. It wasn’t until most recently that it became evident to me just how important balance truly is.
First, I noticed it within my work outs. I – like many of us – have made the mistake in thinking that cardio is the most ideal form of fitness, as you burn the most amount of calories with it. While the latter part of that statement holds true, cardio is in no way the optimal for of exercise – and furthermore, there is no ideal form of cardio. In fact, no subsection of fitness holds anymore more important than the other. Why? Because you need a balance in your work outs to ensure total body health.
Cardio allows you to build heart health, burn off unwanted fat – if that is your goal, boost metabolism, establish a certain level of relaxation and much more…
However without its counterparts of toning/sculpting as well as stretching , your body will be missing many other needed qualities. Toning allows your body to build lean muscle and boost metabolism (shockingly enough, more so than the ever-popular cardio), while stretching ensures that your body is lengthened and protects your muscles from injury.
To be frank, if we really want to argue which holds most importance, stretching takes the cake.
After thinking a bit too much about this, I wondered how this theory would hold when applying it to my life.
In other words, was this emphasis on balance important both in and out of the work out room?
Turns out, it very much is.
The area in my life I find most notable is my choice in counterpart – Omar. I’ve had (and heard) of a lot of people suggest that we are ‘so’ different (which, sometimes sounds like ‘too different’) to be together. This, to me, is absolutely ridiculous. Yes, Omar and I are pretty much as different as they come. He’s loud, straight forward, laid-back and ‘chillin’, while I tend to be more uptight, structured and organized – probably to a fault. This doesn’t mean that him and I are not good for each other. In fact, in so many ways, I find that that is what gives us our strengths.
When I need someone to tell me to calm the hell out, he’s right there; when he needs someone to tell him to care a little bit more, well, I’m up for the task. It is the aspects of Omar that are unlike me that I find myself most attracted to, to be quite frank. I would never want him any other way. To be quite honest hearing these comments (both to my face  and his) were circulating was kind of irritating to me. First of all, I see that it is no one’s business our relationship. Second of all, I didn’t quite understand why – to some – differences were seen as a bad thing.
I mean, don’t they say opposite attracts?
I apologize and intend no offense, but I would never want to date someone who was exactly like me. After a while, I fully believe that the relationship would become a little boring and redundant. Always knowing what the other person was going to do… or think, because it is what you would do or think. This would probably lead to very little fighting, as you’d agree on virtually everything (and, regardless of what you might think, fighting in a relationship is healthy), so you’d have no way to grow and learn from each other. If this is exactly that you desire from a relationship, then I say go for it. But for me, that is in no way ideal.
I guess in a lot of ways  I do not believe that these kinds of relationships exist. I think that if two people are that similar, it is safe to assume that one of the members is lying to appease the other. I guess this topic is about to leak itself to an older post – on lying. Girls and boys, if you feel the need to lie to the person you are seeing in order to keep their attention, it is possible that this relationship is not right for you. I am sure that there is someone out there whose heart you will steal for being who you truly are. Wouldn’t you rather be loved for that, then anything else?
Although my focus has been primarily on my relationship with Omar, the importance of balance is easily applicable to every facet of one’s life. If one never experienced hurt, how would the appreciate true happiness? If you never failed, how would you learn and grow and become a more dynamic individual? Without darkness, there cannot be light; without hate there cannot be love and without truly ugliness there cannot be bliss.
I know in many ways it would be easier to write off the negatives in life, but then we’d never be able to fully enjoy or understand the true beauty within the world. So, appreciate the the differences.

Life is merely a series of contrasts, long solely for a beautiful symmetry.

On that note, I still feel void of inspiration. I just wanted to get that off my chest.

Stay lovely,
Tomorrow I plan to post a workout, focused on balance as well as a few reviews on food and fashion.

Enjoy your day and stay lovely.

Also, today Simple Sunday is…

I just woke up from the most glorious nap. 🙂


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