Special Thanks.

thank you
I’d like to take a moment to reach out and send a personal thank you to whomever sent me a message last night (whilst I was counting sheep) regarding my blog. I often fear that my efforts go in vain. I’d love for this blog to one day become something… anything, really and sometimes that victory seems bleak. But your kind words have inspired ME to keep going.
For all of you – which, is everyone – who doesn’t know what I am talking about, this morning I woke up to an anonymous message from a follower. They informed me that they have been following my blog for quite some time now and have found my words inspirational and easy to relate to. I’m happy to inform everyone that whomever this person is has found my blog to be a personal aid, guiding them through their own recovery.
It is moments like this, as an aspiring therapist/wellness consultant and fellow recover-er, that truly warms my heart. So, I thank you.
I’d also like to take this moment to tell this person how incredibly strong they are. Once thoughts similar to ours get into our heads, it’s so scary and difficult to forget them. It is almost as if – in some weird way – that you become attached to these thoughts and start thinking you’d be missing something if they weren’t there. It’s like a unhealthy security blanket we protect – and hurt – ourselves with. The road to recovery is never any easy one. Some days you’ll shine, while other days you’ll flood yourself with sadness. Don’t let these days slow you down, okay? Each morning you get up you have the chance to make it better than the last. If you had a hard day, or if you feel scared, just try your best to make this day count. OK?
You’ve touched my heart and I thank you for having the courage and drive to let me know how I’ve helped you. You’ve helped me to. If you ever need anything, never hesitate to send me a message with any questions. I am hear to help you. 🙂

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