Opening up your heart; opening up your world

Good morning lads and lasses!

over the breakfast bowl

When you meet someone and fall in love there are certain things that you need to open your mind to. First, your heart. You need to allow them into your heart. You need to be willing to let yourself feel for them, while letting them feel for you, as well. You can’t be embarrassed to feel or to express, to have or to hold.

When I first decided to experiment with love, I thought that this would be the most difficult thing to do. I was wrong.

Letting someone into your whole world is by far the scariest part.

Sometimes, you’re legs… they’re not perfectly shaved. Other times, you are moody or upset for no apparent reason (which, we blame on PMS even if it isn’t that specific time of our cycle). Or, in my case, you’re life is a certain way and you’re scared how someone will fit into each facet of it. Even if the person doesn’t care how you spend your day, as long as you choose to spend it with them.

As mentioned in my last post I have never been good with change. Not at all.

Last night, my boyfriend surprised me – quite amazingly – by bringing all of the needed materials to not go home and spend the night. Now, this wasn’t the first time we had spent the night together, and I had been hinting to him how much I wanted him to, but the moment he told me I started to panic.


Every morning I have what I call my ‘me’ time. During 80% of the day, I’m open and friendly, talkative to no end. However during the hours of 6:00AM and 7:45AM, I have my me-time. I get up, have a small 1/2 breakfast, let it set while planning out my workout, workout, wash and the other half of my breakfast. The breakfast pre-work out focuses on energy supply for my workout, while the breakfast following focuses on protein and some carbs, for recovery purposes. After that, my day goes like the rest of the world. During this time, I’m very quiet. It’s my introspective time for me to think, reflect and calm my mind. I was scared – for some reason – for my boyfriend to see this.

He (like with almost everything I freak out about) didn’t really see any issue. He completely understood that I needed my ‘me’ time because a lot of people need ‘me’ time.

Needless to say, I realize in hindsight that I completely overreacted. The night was absolutely perfect. And, the next day was even better. I did my thing and he did his. Afterward, we came together and discussed our things. It was lovely! I guess I just need to remember that when you fall for someone, everything they do is perfect. Even if it drives you crazy, because you’re crazy about them.

challenges and changes

Something big has made a change. Something really, really big.

I’m sure you’ve seen this guy…

Well, there is a new bowl in the rotation!

The other day, Omar and I went to a local clay painting place and did some serious painting of clay. I wanted a new oatmeal bowl, so it was clear what needed to be done…

That said, I couldn’t leave the one I was with unmentioned.

He made one too!

The back reads, “I love you to the moon”, which is one of our sayings to each other.

I’ve also decided to change up my work outs, ever so slightly.

Again? Really?



Because I’ve been falling more and more in love with yoga, Pilates and – now – Barre. So, I’ve been doing the research and finding ways to incorporate them all into my daily work outs!

The Plan:
Sunday = 20 minuts HIIT + 20-35 minutes of flow yoga
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday = 16-25 minute HIIT + 20 minutes of upper and lower body toning (Monday is focused more on arms, back and chest and Wednesday is most focused on legs and my glutes; Saturday is just whatever I want).
Tuesday and Friday = 20-30 minutes of cardio and ab work (10-15 minutes of ab work).
Thursday is a focused day. I’ll pick one body part and REALLY challenge it.

Today is Thursday! Therefore, a challenge was called for.

A Tri-ing Warrior Work Out
What You’ll Need: Interval timer, yoga mat, 3-5lb dumbbell, water.
Set your time to two rounds of 45/15 intervals, with a 5 minute break in the middle

Begin with a 2 minute cardio warm up. Jogging in place is fine!

Circuit One: Tri to be a Warrior!
Begin in Warrior One position. Hands held firmly over head, with weights pressed together. Preform one overhead Tricep extension. From there, slowly lean forward – core engaged – lifting your left leg behind you, easing into a Warrior Three pose. As you continue this fluid motion, create an erected arm over your head and with complete control, pull arms back into a back extension. That’s one rep. Complete fifteen, balancing on your right leg.

At 15 reps, hold warrior 3 pose and begin pulse your arms back. Keep core and stationary leg strong.

Repeat once on other side.

Preform a 8 minute HIIT (45/15 intervals). Any form of cardio you want.

5 Minute Tri Challenge!

One minute each, until fail!
– Reverse plank leg raises, alternating
– Table position tri dips
– Jog
– Tricep push ups
– Low (chataranga) plank hold.

Preform another 8 minute HIIT (45/15 intervals).

Repeat first circuit again!

Stretch and done.

This work out was awesome! I’m loving the combination of yoga moves with Pilates moves.
My tris are feeling this bad boy!

That’s all for now.

Oh no! Oat meal is gone and my post is over.

Stay sweet.

Caitlyn. 🙂


Silver and Gold, Sweat-y Sandwiches and Sweet Mornings

I absolutely love mornings like this one!

Usually, when I wake up, I feel extremely stiff. I can’t really explain why that is, but it’s been this way for as long as I can remember. I think it is a result of my now moving during my eight hours of glorious rest. I know people say you can’t know if you’re really that still while sleeping, but I’m telling you I am; I’ve conducted experiments.

This morning I woke up – not stiff – but refreshed. The sun had been shining and it was only 5:30 in the morning! You all know what that means: summertime! The temperature was quite unpleasant, however, so I wasted no time getting out to create this morning’s bowl oats.

Ah! Oatmeal.

Lately, I’ve been on a bit of an apricot craze. I love them.

After devouring this beautiful bowl, I decided to take, yet another, plunge and design my very own interval work out.

Strength and Speed Sandwich Workout
You’ll need: Interval Timer, 5-10 pound weights and a mat
Set your interval timer for two rounds of ten minutes;
Set your intervals for 90seconds/30 seconds.
You’ll be completing five different exercises, which will each consist of two exercises (one cardiovascular and one toning) back to back. Essentially, they’re supersets.
At the end of your first ten minute circuit, lightly jog for 5 minutes, then repeat.

Exercise Duo One:
90 seconds of jump squats at maximum effort
30 seconds of squats with side leg raise, alternating left and right

Exercise Duo Two:
90 seconds of toe touching skaters at maximum effort
30 seconds of curtsy lunges with bicep curls (with weights), alternating left and right

Exercise Duo Three:
90 seconds plank jacks at maximum effort
30 seconds of in-plank rows and tri extensions (with weights)

Exercise Duo Four:
90 seconds flying jumping lunges at maximum effort
30 seconds of lunges with lateral arm raises (with weights)

Exercise Duo Five:
90 seconds oblique jumps (preform a jumping squat, but twist your body coming down and touch your toes – hand to opposite foot)
30 seconds tummy tucks (please keep a neutral spine)

Rest for one minute, then lightly jog for the remaining four minutes of your resting period and repeat the circuit.

Since I’ve decided to partake in Sweet Tooth Sweet Life June Yoga Challenge, I knew my work out couldn’t stop there!

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

I completely a quick ten minute yoga routine and called it a day.

Think-y Thoughts

I think… a lot. So, in every post, I will include one of my ‘Think-y Thoughts’.

Today’s Think-y Thought is about friendship. Recently, I’ve rekindled a friendship with someone who I used to love greatly.

After a lot of hmming and hawing, we spent a lovely afternoon together walking around Point Pleasant Park, then enjoying a lovely meal at my favorite local restaurant, The Wooden Monkey. Since then, we’ve kept in contact – she’s even come to me to be her personal fitness guru and I love it!

As a result of this, I’ve been thinking a lot of friendships. This particular friendship had been on that I had somewhat written off. It was not that I wanted it to, but we hadn’t spoken in a long while. In fact, the last time we had seen each other, it was evident that she was having a difficult time looking at me. At that point, I was not healthy. I looked frail and it scared her, understandably. Finally, we discussed this. I told her how it made me feel, and she told me how she had just been scared.

I’m so thankful that we made this connection. There are certain people in your life that you should never let go. And, in the event that you do, I beg that you try to reconnect with them. Friendships – true friendships – should not be passing ships, but rather those little house boats than just stay put at a dock! So, today, rather think fondly on an old friendship, or if you’re really brazen, reconnect with someone from your past to whom you miss!

How about you? Are there any friendships or people you wish you still had in your life?

Stay sweet,