It’s been a while

university: more than just academically educating
signs on doors are often of great value
It was my first day of classes and – without any real regard – I walked into the class written on my weekly schedule. The professor had been incredibly late, while I had been incredibly early. After about ten minutes, the prof decided it was time to show up. Apparently she was unaware of how far her office was from the classroom.Tardiness is unacceptable.
Regardless, after about two-three minutes into the lecture and a whole bunch of words I didn’t know, I turned to the girl on my right and sheepishly asked, ‘is this Research Methods in Psychology?’
The girl looked at me, puzzled, and replied: ‘No. No, this is taxonomy’.
First of all, I don’t know what ‘taxonomy’ is, but if ‘tax’ and/or ‘taxes’ are involved, one can assume business and/or money is also involved and therefore a one Ms. Caitlyn Mearns needs to get out. So, quietly, I walked out with absolutely no idea as to where I was suppose to be.
Turns out, another building completely.
So, consequently, I boogied my ass right over to the right building and meandered about to find the right class, which by this point was already well on its way. Which, I’ll have you know is no walk in the park  (no pun, intended) considering womem of my age group seem to deem it completely reasonable to wear heals that are way too high for them, causing them to not only walk awkwardly, but slowly. Yeah, I have no time girls. You’re going to Mathematics, not Milan.
But, I digress.
I reached my destination, hoping to find that it was a large class, that allowed me to sneak in unnoticed. Nope. It was actually quite small, housing – at most – 20 students.
So, in the future, I intend to make sure I look around because apparently – unbeknownst to me – there was a sign outside of the original classroom, informing students of a classroom change. Observant? Me? Apparently not.
students are frugal s.o.b’s 
Being a fan of the ability to fold and contort my body in most unusual ways, it is not unlike me to do so in the chair of any given classroom. That is, I tend to sit and balled-up as virtually possible during lectures. Considering the areas where we need to sit tend to run… small, I often find myself placing my textbooks underneath my seat.
Now, being that I am – like – extremely focused, sometimes my mind slips and I leave mentioned book there. Not 75 minutes passed before I scurried back to that classroom to get my book and it had already been scooped up. Now, in the event that this was not a school-made course book valued at 20 dollars, I probably would have had a stroke. But, I just bought a new one. Regardless, I have not again put any book – coursebook or otherwise – under my chair.
being awkward is not something the decreases with age
The moment I turned 21, I thought maybe – just maybe – that would lend itself to my being a little less awkward. Turn the big ol’ two-one is an exciting thing, right? Well, I think it is possible that my levels of awkwardness have only proven to show a correlation with my increasing age: it’s going up with it.
After getting out of class and meandering through my bag – starving – looking for my apple, I looked up to see this guy from my high school. He had changed a fair bit, and I hadn’t seen him for two years so I had to adjust my eyes on him a bit. Anyhow, point is, there I am apple in mouth, apple juice dripping down my chin giving this guy the shocked, “I know you” look that is still somewhat laced with the, “Wait – do I know you?” look.
This would have been weird, yes, but had he of remembered me it would have been justified. Most unfortunately, he did not. So, I merely looked like a apple-hungry weirdo giving him the weird set of eyes known to man.
you’re mind is stronger than your body – lactic acid can kiss me arse
Since there is now a change in my schedule, there is also a change in my routine. Instead of my normal morning routines, I’ve broken it into two smaller routines (20ish minutes each). One in the morning and one in the afternoon. My morning one is mostly cardio with some body weight training and I usually do some toning exercises in the afternoon.  I’ve started to lift a bit heavier and I love it. I’ve also incorporated more yoga – much more yoga. I’ve re-re fallen in love. I happily say I’ve mastered (MASTER) crow pose.
I used to be afraid of working out twice a day. Furthermore, I used to be afraid of only sweating for 20 minutes (typically each work out runs to 30 minutes long, but I do a lot of stretches). But, nope. Turns out, my body loves it and I do too.
school is my home away from home and i’ve missed it
This will sound lame, but on the way to my school I pass where I was working. Or, rather, was working full time. There have been two to three occasions where in I almost turned to my father – who drives me to the bus stop so I don’t have to transfer… cha-ching! – where he was going because he was passing work. It would only be for a split moment until I realized that I wasn’t going to work.
Additionally, last night at work I was talking to a woman about ‘getting out’. I used to literally fear my permanence in retail. Maybe it was just my own insecurities getting the best of me, but I used to look at my name tag and think, ‘get used to it Princess’.
Furthermore, school has pushed me to get better my health. And by that, I mean my diet. And my fitness regime. Each day I go to school I am reminded that I have an entire life ahead of me. A career, a beautifully amazing boyfriend to whom I plan to share a life with (a home, children and probably a few furry friends, included)… I need to get over this. First of all, I want to be strong and beautiful, not brittle.
I’ve decided to commit to 30 minutes of exercise, daily. I love to work out each day, but I need to remember… you don’t need to hurt yourself or over do it. I’m also going to focus more on strength training and yoga, rather than cardio. Essentially, it’ll look like this
Monday and Wednesday: 15 minutes of cardio + 15-25 minutes of lower body work .
Tuesday and Thursday: 15 minutes of cardio + 15-25 minutes of upper body work.
Saturday and Sunday: 30 minutes of cardio (5 warm up, 20 HIIT, 5 cool down)
Friday: 45 minute of Spin N’ Stretch (this is my own thing, that incorporates my spin bike and my yoga mat)
These times are pretty set in stone. Until I can prove to myself that I can eat more, I am to stick to these time constraints. This said, stretching is not part of the time limits. If I want to do a 20 minute yoga routine on top of this, I can. Why? Because yoga – in my mind – is more important than anything else. Yoga has toning benefits, cardiovascular benefits, without killing you.
As goes for my food, I’m – effective immediately – increasing my caloric intake. Generally speaking, people – active or not – should be taking in 1900-2100 calories, depending upon their sex and stuff. Well, I’m still at 1750 (on a good day). Last night, I finally made it to 1850 and today will be not different.
I will still have my six meals. Why? Because I still think eating smaller meals is better. But, I will NEED to ensure that these small meals are not… so small. So, essentially, until I can do this without numbers
I will have three meals of 400 calories
and three snacks of  200 calories
🙂 Wish my luck!

Thank You for my AZzzzzzz

simple sunday: surveys and afternoon sleeps
I know for a fact that I’ve completed this survey on my previous blog (or, perhaps, on my current one… I can’t recall). When I saw it circulating again (via I knew I had to do it again. I’ve done so much changing in the past… few months, to be honest, that I thought it would be fun to do this again and see if my answers differ, at all.
simply a to z

A – Apples (and all fruits – banana, berries and peaches). I absolutely love fruit. They’re so naturally sweet and tasty! Not to mention extremely good for you! I aim (and succeed) to have three to four servings of fruit, daily. Usually this consists of an apple, berries galore, bananas and perhaps a pear/peach/apricot. Typically speaking I prefer my fruit in the natural and fresh form, instead of dried and/or juiced, but whatever cranks your chain, right? My all time favorite go-to fruit at the moment is Pink Lady Apples. They’re such a treat! I eat an apple daily, I’m sure. I love them.

B – Barre/Pilates styled workouts are definitely going to take the cake for B. As you know, when I started to incorporate more Yoga/Pilates and Barre into my fitness regime, I noticed so many changes in my mind and body. I feel beautiful, graceful, elegant… the list could go on. Let’s be honest, I feel girly. I love to feel girly. 

C –  The clean eating lifestyle. I absolutely love the feeling of eating clean. Knowing that the food I put into my body is extremely healthful and good for me has helped me – in so many ways – overcome my struggles with disordered eating. Instead of focusing on what I shouldn’t/couldn’t eat, it caused me to focus on what I should and need to eat. If you’ve never tried out the lifestyle of eating clean, I strongly advise you to give it a go. 🙂

D – I love being able – or being surrounded by people who – dress up. I know it sounds kind of ridiculous but ever since I took part in a high school program a few years back where one of the events require me to dress up, I have loved the whole concept. I am not huge into dressing up like a total skank, though. Halloween to me is about being cute or funny, not looking like I just walked out of a porno, thank you muchly!

My friend, Shelby, from work at the Sunshine Bear and I!

E – Exercise has become an important and required part of my life. I love to create work outs (see below for this weeks ‘Love Your Body Toning Every Inch’ work out).  I used to think I didn’t have it in my to design a good work out, but now I love making them up. Every morning, over my oats, I plan my work out. I live for it. Some people don’t understand and some people take the whole concept for granted (which, never should be the case). I feel grateful that I am able to sprint, sculpt, spin and stretch! It makes me who I am; it makes me feel beautiful.

F – Friends the TV show. It’s actually almost ridiculous how much I love this show. I – at the drop of a hat – can reference the show without even a thought! My mother and I have kind of turned this into a small game. OK, OK. A really large game. It’s embarrassing, really.



G – Games are like my all-time favorite pass time. Mostly word, card or board games. I am in LOVE with crazy eights, cross words and… pretty much any board game under the sun. I love challenging my mind and thinking, so trivia games are a big plus. Lately I’ve been kicking serious rump at them, too! I just love them. My Friday nights are usually spent curled up with a tea and some kind of word game. I think that I found my perfect match considering last Friday night, Omar didn’t hesitate to join me on the coach with a book of Suduko. 🙂

I – Intellectual conversation with strangers (and friends, too). I absolutely love exchanging knowledge on virtually any topic with a multitude of people. If I don’t know something, I want to learn about it! I don’t feel the need to be an expert on every topic, but I love expanding my vocabulary  and knowledge everyday of my life!

J – Jewelry of all kinds. Typically I find myself drawn to elegant and simple pieces, with a timeless flare. Currently my favorite is the necklace Baba got me while he was away. 🙂 It goes with virtually everything I own!

K – My dear friend Kathryn who has always supported me and has always been there for me. I love her so much, I can’t even begin to explain it. We can go months and months without seeing each other and the moment that we see each other again it is as if no time has passed at all. I absolutely love her and am so grateful to have her. No matter what happens, she will always be my dearest friend. My very own kindred spirit :).

L – Laughter (mostly from small humans… yes, babies). I absolutely love the sound of a laugh. More than you can even understand. It’s the most beautiful sound there is. When people laugh, it makes me smile. When babies laugh it makes me feel like nothing bad in the world could happen.

M – Me time. I knwo it sounds odd, but I’ve always been a pretty quite and to myself person. I require so quiet quality time with me, or I will go completely nuts. I’ve discovered that this is best done in the early morning between 6 and 8 AM. This is when I work out and eat breakfast and plan out my day. I love it. After that time, I want nothing more but then to be surrounded by those to whom I love, I’ll admit. Too much me time can also make me a little crazy. But in that hour, I love just quietly sitting with myself.

Okay, Zooey didn’t get the memo and joins me. In fact, now she comes and gets me if I am not up at a certain time. She tends to be a quiet attendant in my morning routines, so I decided to let her stay.

N – Spending time with  nature would definitely be the number one on here. I love trees and trails and birds and butterflies. All of it. In the summertime and fall, most preferably. I love sitting among the trees and reflecting on life. I just love nature. It’s simple beauty makes me truly calm and relaxed.

O – My amazing boyfriend, Omar, who has come into my life in the most beautiful and profound way. Before him I was an honest wreck. I didn’t know who I was or what it meant to be loved by someone other than your family – in that very special way. H’es made me come to terms with the fact that I am strong and beautiful and smart. When I am with him I feel safe and able to do anything. He makes me happier than I ever thought I could be.

P – My loving and incredible parents.

It is no secret that my mother is my best friend. Our relationship is unlike any mother-daughter relationship I’ve seen. We talk about everything, enjoy doing everything together and I am not the least bit embarrassed about it. Why? Because my mother is truly one-of-a-kind. She’s the most generously beautiful woman I’ve ever met and I feel very fortunate to have someone like her in my life.

My father is also no joke. He’s odd and strange, albeit, but he would bend over backward to keep the people he cares for happy. I’ll never forget about the kind and thoughtful things he’s done for me over the years and will never forget the many wise words he has bestowed upon me.

I really don’t know how I got this lucky, but I am certainly glad I did. 🙂

Q – Quotes and quoting. Whether is be awesome Friends references, or quoting the famous words of Dr. Suess, the whole concept of a good quote makes me happy. To know that words have had such a great impact that they’ve – in many ways – been eternalness, makes me happy. I would absolutely love to one day be quoted.

My favorite quote of ever:

R – Roses and all other flowers cause me to feel at complete and utter ease. If I could live in a flower garden, I probably would. I’d sleep of the petals of a rose and dance along the stem of a sunflower. Life would be perfect!

S – Anything related to the sea or the ocean. As I’ve said in the past, I absolutely love large bodies of water! I love them even more if there is waves involved! Anything in this category makes me truly happy shells, dolphins, swimmingsailing (though I am not a sailor, I’ve gone out of boats many a’time), sand! Okay, until this moment I didn’t realize how many ‘s’ words related. The sea makes me extremely happy! 🙂

T – Telling people you love them

It might be the best feeling in the world to see the smile on the face of a person who knows they’re truly loved.
Mama, I love you. Omar, I love you. Daddy, I love you. Zooey, I love you. Kathryn, I love you.

U –  Unusually child-like behavior….

Like eating off a child’s plate…

FYI: There is an owl smiling at you under there, I promise.

V – Vegetables! All of them. I haven’t met a veggie I didn’t like.

W – One of my largest passions has to be writing. Every moment that I can sit down and write, I will. I love the feeling of constructing a well-thought out sentence and sharing it with the people I love. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback regarding MY writing. I love it! Typically speaking, I’ve never felt like I was all that good at it, but wit all this kindness, I feel I am really starting to develop a true belief in myself.

X –  Total Cheat: x-mas Eve is probably my favorite time of the year. I absolutely love the feeling of family and togetherness. Typically speaking, the idea of squishing so many people into my Grandparents house causes to me feel a sense of claustrophobia, but Christmas Eve night is something completely different. If we weren’t crawling all over each other, it just would NOT be worth it, it wouldn’t. Chrisrmas Eve night is also the one night a beg for snow to come. More often than not, I find myself wanting to get a hold of one of them snow removal cans from Frosty Returns and get rid of it all, as well as the cold. But, the two weeks leading up to and Christmas Eve itself is a whole other thing. I love snow at Christmas time.

It’s so x-citing 😛

Y – Yoga! You all know how I love me a good bend and stretch! Lately I have been loving Tara Stiles yoga via Livestrong woman, The routines are short enough that you COULD do a few of them, or add it to the end of your own work out for a new stretch. I absolutely love the feeling you get after completely a yoga routine. Light and relaxed. I fell out of love with yoga for a bit, but we have reconnected in a more healthy and practical way! Thank Heavens!

Z – Zooey, my dog, is absolutely the number one Z in my books, I love everything about her :). Including (but no limited to) her strangeness, her goofy moments, her snuggles… everything. 🙂 She’s a true keeper.


Nap time.
Yesterday Omar, Zooey and I took a solid two hour nap together and it was total bliss.

Oh, yes, and the work out 🙂

stay sweet 🙂


Friday Five: Fitness and Future

learning to accept 
Most of you don’t know that about three months ago I applied to be an ambassador of a online fitness group. Yesterday I got word from them, declining me. At first, I was extremely depressed. They told me that I wasn’t yet ready to be an ambassador, but that I have potential and then proceeded to tell me where I should improve. This was something I really wanted, so hearing that I wasn’t ready was a total blow to my ego.
Then it occurred to me that isn’t the end, at all. In fact, that is only the beginning.With the information provided I know how to properly improve my blog – not only to become an ambassador, but to become a full-fledged blogger (which, is an ultimate goal of mine). This inspired my Friday Five of this week, which will be five Fitness and Career Related Goals of mine.
my fitness bucket list
learn to do a full-out yoga headstand
Okay, I know this sounds a little… lame… but a huge goal of mine is to learn how to do a headstand, yoga style! Truth be told this all came about from watching the – you guessed it – Olympics. Damn, those Gymnasts are impressive, huh?
While the idea of being a Gymnast has never really appealed to me, the challenge of balance is something I always strive to accomplish. Why? I’m not overly balanced for being a lover of yoga. I have been known to topple over every now and again. Regardless, I make it an effort to improve! To achieve the yoga headstand would prove to be a great feat for me. It’s something I’ve always looked at thinking it could never and would never happen. But why? Things are only prevented from happening if someone prevents them, and you are in control of your own life. So therefore, one could infer that if you do not allow something from not happening it is most certainly a probability, couldn’t one? 🙂
become certified in Mat Pilates, Yoga and Barre 
It is no big surprise that I love Pilates/Barre/Yoga work outs. In combination to my forever loved intervals, I find this form of exercise to be most beneficial. In the past few months I’ve noticed more changed in not only my body, but in my outlook on healthy living.
As mentioned, the grace and poise of these exercises have allowed me to feel more beautiful and more graceful than ever before (might I remind you that I already told you I have a balance-related issue which needs work).  I kind of shutter to say it, but when I work out I watch myself in the mirror. Why? Because I’m crazy self involved? No, because I absolutely love watching my body grow and change. I love feeling accomplished. Sweat and tears make me feel accomplished, 😛
I don’t really know how to explain it any better than that. This makes me feel beautiful, so why wouldn’t I want to do it every day?
support women all over the world pursue healthy and active lifestyles 
The former leads right into the next goal of mine: the help women all over the world pursue healthy and active lifestyles. Alright. I don’t want to get into it too much, as you know very well my life goals. However the more and more I think about it, the more and more excited I become. I’ve always hated that I let myself go down the road of eating disorders and addictive exercise. It’s made me feel like I’ve been focusing far too much on the wrong things. Ironically enough, I’ve never been too concerned with impressing guys. I mean, yes, there was a few gentleman who’s attention I would have liked, but in a lot of ways I made valiant efforts to go unnoticed. In short, I – not my weight – was my own worst enemy.
So, am I am sure you can imagine, the mere concept that I let this happen to me, Caitlyn, was extremely depressing. I was a strong, independent girl. I loved words and poetry, intellectualism and depth. I was not the kind of girl to get caught up in silly and superficial things such as my appearance. Why the heck am I rambling about this?
Well! I refused to let my disorders go in vain. Simply refused. I knew from the moment I began my personal recovery that I needed to make helping others with their healthy lives a huge part of my future. Granted, I doubt I’ll ever been stable enough to help severe cases (please note that this is my a degradation, but simply a stated fact which I am perfectly happy to attest to). I have become extremely sensitive to the topic and do not believe I’ll ever be stable enough to consider myself the ideal help for a person going through serious and critical issues.
That doesn’t mean I cannot help, though. I’ve discovered a genuine interest in helping women feel good about themselves – even the ones who are not slowly killing themselves have great insecurities, which need to be treated. Why shouldn’t everyone have the chance to boost their self worth and feel elegant and beautiful?
From that moment I knew that I wanted to get a Psychology degree, along with life coaching and fitness credentials to one day strive toward helping women pull physical activity and mental therapy. I’ve always been passionate about Yoga and recently developed a deep connection to Barre and Pilates. They’ve reminded me that strength is not killing yourself and they beauty is not hurting yourself. This a message I want to share with others; this is a message I want to make known. To be able to do this one thing would make me the happiest girl – along with a few other things not related to fitness. 🙂
take up swimming
I used to be a fish. A legitimate fish. I would spend hours upon hours swimming in my small, yet adorable poor in the backyard, absent-minded and blissful. During my childhood, that is when I was most happy. The smell of chlorine…. the taste! As disgusting as it is, the taste and smell of chlorine strike a nostalgic chord with me.
Then, I turned into a electronic-obsessed, house hippo. I spent my days glued to a computer screen (what is all this past tense usage, right?) never stepping foot outside. God forbid I greet the sun, right? I became more interested in chatting instantly, then splashing intensely. In short, the only water-related activity I did was surf. The net, that is.
I miss it.
Today my work’s mail-man (who’s name I don’t know) dropped off some mail, as he tends to do every Friday. Being that it was dead and I was bored, I struck up a conversation with him. Actually, to be honest, he started it, I just kept it going. During the conversation I learned that he had just recently moved here from Calgary for two, simple reasons.
One: His family
And two?
The ocean.
The moment he said it, I couldn’t have agreed more. One of the most valued aspects of my current residence is how close I happen to be to water. I am a true believer that water – life flowers – force people to dream and hope and aspire. Perhaps it is the vast shorelines, or the calming breeze. Or, you know, a combination of the both. Just something about the ocean and water makes me feel like I can do anything.
So, I feel like it is stupid that I don’t spend more time with it. Even if it means a artificial creation (a pool).
Also… I could probably use a tan.
I’m, like, a glitter away from being confused for as a Twilight fan.
try out classes, rather than working out solely from home
As much as I love fitness, I sometimes get discouraged about how it is something that I haven’t gotten anybody to connect with. No one I know is as passionate about it as I am. Or, at least, in the specific style that I am. I feel like it would be extremely beneficial for me to get out more and try out some classes. In the past, I was scared to do so because I felt insecure about my body and technique, but now I understand that no one is really focused on anyone else but themselves. Especially in regards to yoga. You are there because you have a connection to your body. The others are just a great additive and a wonderful way to make friends.
I’ve done a few yoga classes here and there, but I want to get involved in maybe some aerobics classes, or even Pilates.
Maybe one day.
Regardless, stay sweet.Caitlyn.

The Other 47 don’t Really Matter…

To start, I have two small things to say:
1) Does anyone else find that certain texts on your computer make it easier for you to write more eloquently? I do. I always HAVE to write in Georgia or Times New Roman, but I do prefer Georgia. If it is for something professional, I will change the text following the editorial and writing processes, because I need to write in my Georgia to really get my point across. I know, I know. I’m nuts.
2) Is anyone else jazzed the Canada metaled in Synchronized Swim? I AM!
three shades of gray
I decided that today I would write a ditty on the different ‘grey’ areas in life. Everyone – regardless of your age, sex and so on – have moments wherein they discover that things are not simply black or white. In fact, more often than not this proves to be the case. Over the past few years, I’ve found this to be true in several facets of my life. In my relationship, in my education, in my fitness and healthy lifestyle pursuits. You name it, there is a grey area.
lightest gray: healthy fitness

There is a very fine and faint line between a ‘healthy’ exerciser/eater and an ‘unhealthy’ one. I’ve straddled the line and I’ve been on both sides, so I can tell you this much – being is a healthy eater is far more exception.
Unfortunately, coming with a truly clean and healthy lifestyle, judgement is bound to grow – especially if you’re like me and have an unhealthy history. Some people might look at my current lifestyle and think: she has a problem. Why? Because I am very structural and intuitive in my eating habits, passionate and committed to a workout routine, have a slight obsession with anything related to yoga/Pilate and Ballet Barre… et cetera. To me, this is life. To others it could look like an unhealthy addiction, driven by my past issues.
I understand this. Completely. I mean, yes, in the past I underwent a lot of issues, but working out isn’t so black and white (eh?). People who work out and eat right will all have their own reasons for doing so. Mine is no longer to lose weight, but merely stay toned and feel happy. I do some of my best thinking while working out. It calms me, makes me feel attractive and elegant. I can’t explain it; I just love it. So, I guess what I am trying to say is, if you see someone who seems to be extremely dedicated/addicted to exercise, take the time to really get to know their work out schedule (if you truly care that much), or even just take the time to get to know them! Yes, perhaps you’ll discover that their mentality toward a sweating session isn’t ideal, but maybe you’ll discover that they have a love for it, similar to your love of… reading, or playing video games or… for me, writing and helping people (and, let’s be honest, fitness).
Furthermore – on the topic of fitness, alone – each person has their own idea of what is and isn’t challenging or fun. As I have said many times, I’ve tried to be a cardio lover… I’m just not. You will never see my running a marathon (that said, I’d totally be on the side lines cheering you on… maybe doing some jump squats or a burpee ;D). It just isn’t for me. I do love getting a good sweat on, but I have found other more effective ways of doing so (for me). Again, I state: healthy fitness is not something that can put tucked into one category! Healthy fitness could simply be walking for 20-30 minutes every night after dinner. Does it make you happy? Do you feel good about doing it? Do you feel good about yourself while doing it? Then that’s all that really matters. Don’t feel the need to have the perfect legs, or the greatest buns or whatever! Just love life and you’ll shine!
light grey: healthy diet
This is another one similar to the category above. The definition of ‘healthy eating’ is not simple, at all. It might be more complicated than the definition of healthy fitness, to be completely frank. People watch others all the time and compare what foods they’re stuffing in their mouth to the food others are stuffing into their mouths. STOP. Right now, in this moments, quit it. Okay?
First of all, everyone’s body has a different genetic makeup, so why would we all eat the same way? We wouldn’t. Some people can’t handle certain foods, while others can; some people metabolize food more quickly, causing them to require a higher intake of X, while others need more Y. It’s all about your body at the end of the day.
Let’s talk about potatoes.
Let’s talk about popcorn.
Contrary to what you might think, both are extremely nutrient dense foods. AKA: healthy (of course, coating them in butter and other saturates will lessen this, but on the whole… they’re super good for you). I don’t eat either.
Let’s look at pre-packaged granola bars like Fiber One and Havest Crunch.
Both – in my opinion – hold creditable nutrition, yet I don’t eat them… ever.
Let’s look at chocolate.
Gets a pretty bad rep, right?
I eat it daily.
Yeah, yeah. And I probably eat kale like their is no tomorrow, right?
Uh, no. I never eat kale. Use to – not anymore.
So, what gives? I am a self-credited ‘health  nut’, am I not?
Well, I most certainly am!
To start, potatoes and most other starches (with an excepting to oatmeal, some cereals and quinoa) cause my a great deal of pain and… I don’t like them. While most people see a plate of pasta and think ‘heaven’, I think ‘okay, cool’. I used to love it, but I just don’t anymore. I’ve much rather a plate full of broccoli or brussel sprouts…. or both. Okay, both. It’s just my preference. There is nothing wrong with these foods, at all. So, when I say I don’t eat them… I don’t mean you shouldn’t either. I mean… I don’t eat them. For my own reasons. Popcorn, on the other hand, has more to do with my not being much of a snack-er. I never feel the need to ‘snack’, so snack foods and I don’t really happy. I have snacks, but I look at them more as one of my mini-meals.
As for the granola bars, I do ample research on a product before eating it. I am not suggesting that there is anything wrong with entire of the mentioned products, but they’re not really on my list of ‘highly approved foods’. Again, this in no way means that you shouldn’t eat them. I eat very ‘clean’. What does that mean? Everything I eat, I eat in what can be considered it’s truest form. I don’t not eat granola bars, but I have a list of companies I try to stick to when choosing to do so (Luna, Kind, Lara and Simply). This also goes for crackers (Lentil Crackers and Nut Thins). I look for products with minimal ingredients and try to find products that have few-to-no GMOs. I am also in favor of Kashi products, too. But don’t think because I’m  not (or anyone, really) eating a certain food you are eating, there is a reason you shouldn’t be eating. I don’t even eat ‘clean’ solely to be ‘healthy’, it’s just something I’ve been doing for so long that to not doing it would be… weird.
Chocolate and kale? Well, I am not huge on kale. First of all, I do like a good kale chip, so when I crave that, I’ll buy some. But often I find it to be too much work (yes, lazy). I like it, but I’d rather buy pre-washed and cut foods to make my life easier. Shoot me. Chocolate, I just really like it. A year ago, I’d never eat chocolate. Ever. But now I enjoy dark chocolate nightly (and have even purchased white and milk chocolate granola), so chocolate is on my list. I am much more interested in the sharp taste of dark dark chocolate than I am milk, but if you like milk… eat it!
All in all ‘healthy eating’, is eating in a mindful way that makes your body feel good. That’s all. Don’t feel the need to eat this, or do this in order to be deemed ‘healthy’. If you’re happy with your meals and love how you feel in your skin, my opinion is, you couldn’t be doing any better.
grey: love and intimacy

Love is a gray area onto itself. First it is impossible to define, or explain and you don’t really know how it feels until you truly experience it. I know this first-hand. I used to think I knew what love was, but I didn’t. In friendships, in relationships… with my family. I thought I had it all figured out. But it isn’t that simple.
First of all, you can be intimate without being in love. An individual I know (well, a few) have been intimate with people they didn’t really ‘love’ several times. This used to confuse the heck out of me. First of all, intimacy is the act of closeness and love… so should you not be in love with the person you’re being intimate with? For me, yes. For others, maybe not.
This above all else has become the most notable ‘gray’ area I’ve come to meet.
There are one thousand reasons one might be intimate with another person. Maybe they are hurting and need some solace, or they enjoy their time with the person, but know that it is not something that will leave the confines of an intimate setting. Perhaps there was genuine love in the past and while that love was easy to let go, the physicality of their relationship was not so easy to.
This is something I’ve had to come to terms with in the past. I have had to learn to accept and support others for their choices in intimate encounters, regardless of whether or not it is something I would or would not do. Everyone has their reasons for needing things – just as I have my reasons for not eating certain foods and exercising daily. There should never been any judgement, because there is never a true reason to judge.
What about love?
In most things in my life, I’m crazy structural and planned out. Love isn’t structured and love isn’t planned. Love will hit you when you least expect it – probably for someone you didn’t expect to fall. Love is also not two 2d. When you fall in love, an array of emotions comes over you. You begin to think of that person before yourself and all the time. You want nothing more than to see them happy – sometimes to a fault. You can’t explain why and even though you never thought you’d be the kind of girl who gets excited over making some one a chicken sandwich, you do.
But as I stated before there are several kinds of love, and it cannot be easily defined. My love for my mother is different than the love for my father, as my love for Omar differs from both. Similarly the emotions harbored by another individual toward their close ones could manifest itself completely differently than mine might. Everyone is different, so even love cannot be compared.
Just on a side note: Please don’t be afraid of love. I used to be. I’m still often fearful of intimacy, but love I’ve come to terms with. If you open your heart and let someone truly in, you’ll never ever want to go back. So don’t fear love and don’t fear intimacy. The closeness you’ll experience with those to whom you are intimate with will be breath-taking, I promise you. I just feel I am unable to lecture too heavily to that, being that I still have my own growing to do in this field. Luckily I’ve found an amazing man who is willing to work with me through all my little nits and pics.
Holy poo, I am pasty.
Stay Sweet, 🙂

Finally posting this…

a simple sunday (better late than never): berry picking with family
Yesterday was absolutely awesome! Omar, Mama and I drove into the country, where my Aunt and her son live, to meet up with them an take part in the – shockingly- relaxing act of berry picking. Neither Omar nor I had done it in several years! In fact, I’ve never been raspberry picking! I’ve only ever picked blueberries. So upon arriving to the U-Pick farm, I had absolutely no idea what to expect.
At first, my pickings were kind of dull. I was getting kind of depressed as everyone’s pints quickly filled, while mine was only half way full. Later, I discovered why – I was being far too picky about which ones I picked. After a while though, I was all gung ho! I picked like I my life depending on it!
It had actually been Omar’s idea to go picking. We wanted to go strawberry picking, ideally, but due to the fact that we’re working on nature’s time table and not our own, we had to ‘settle’ for raspberries (although, I am more fond of a good raspberry, than I am a strawberry). We picked for a solid hour to 90 minutes when we realized that we had pretty much filled all 18 pints we had brought down! I was so proud of Team Us.
Afterword, Mama, Omar and I went back to my Aunt’s house for some lunch and to play with her dogs. She lives in a on a cute  farm. She has goats, chickens, four dogs… a zoo, basically. So, it is obvious that I was in my glory.
I think that I used this as my Simple Sunday because while picking I had never felt so calm or happy in my entire life. I had (almost) everyone I could have wanted there, picking away for yummy berries. It was honestly ‘bliss’ worthy. It was also a nice chance to bond with my younger cousin, who is a bit older know (he’s fourteen; I feel old).
I am so glad we decided to go! I can’t wait until we go apple picking!
My raspberries
This is her dog, Daisy.
This is her flower tub! Have an old claw-foot tub hanging around?
This is Lily, another one of her pooches.
They wished me “Good Luck” in getting a picture of her. Challenge accepted.
The love of my life 🙂
Stay sweet.

White Lies, White Dresses and White Swan Work Out

wednesday w’s

This weeks post is divided into three very important topics. Being that I am a sucker for alliteration – as you well know – all topics begin with ‘W’! And further more, they all begin with ‘White’.

white lies
One thing I will never truly understand is lying. In my life time I  have told a small lie here or there in order to protect someone from getting hurt. The best example I can think of would be if someone asked me if I liked their shirt and I said I did when I really didn’t care for it. I mean, if someone wanted a really thought-out opinion, I’d give it to them no problem, but in these scenarios I feel it is not a big deal to just let them here what it is they want to hear.
It is larger, more ridiculous lies that I will never fully comprehend. You know the lies that are told with absolutely no reason at all.
Where in someone’s mind does it become OK to make up a completely incorrect story? Is there any real justification for the lying, or is it truly just a compulsion that you have absolutely no control over? Regardless of your personal motive, understand that lying and all other forms of balderdash will come back and bite you in the bum. Perhaps not right away, but with time, it will surely make it’s move on you.
As I mentioned above, I’ve never been one to really take to the practice of ‘lying’ – mostly due to the fact that I stutter and get sweaty palms and can’t lie very well. I have, however been on the receiving end. In my past, there have been situations wherein I’ve addressed a certain person regarding a certain situation and had the respond to me with nothing more than complete and utter bull-poop. Alternatively, I have also been in situations where I discover down the road that a person has lied about a great deal of things – leaving me shocked and kind of disgusted.
What does the do for you? How does this – in any way – further your life?
If you are of the variety of people who feel the need to lie about virtually everything, I think it might be wise of you to really think about your priorities in life. I think you should take some time to think about why it is you feel you need to lie. How will you ever know if someone likes you if you don’t let them see the real you? At the end of the day, would you not rather be praised for who you are, rather than praised for a person you invented?
white dresses

Alright! Enough of lying chat. Onto more important things!

If you know me at all, you’d know I have a small, tiny obsession that takes over every fiber of my being. Now, let me tell you, most recently, I have fallen in love (sorry Baba).

In the past, I was extremely embarrassed about my love of all things wedding related. Wedding dresses, flowers, decor… all of it just makes me insanely happy. Why? I can’t even explain it. It isn’t even my wishing and hoping and planning my own wedding (though, let’s no suggest that isn’t part of it). It’s the whole she-bang in general. I love love and everything that comes along with it.

To me, weddings are the declaration of love: the ultimate ‘I want to be with you forever and I want everyone to know about it’. I can attest to the statement that getting married and having a wedding just ends in a silly piece of paper that in no way defines how much you love someone. But to me, it is a lot more.  To get married and have a wedding – no matter the size – is to say: “Hi. I love you. I love you a whole lot, and I want to spend the rest of my days with you. But, you know what? I want the whole world to regard us as an ‘us’, officially. I want to share with you everything. I want to spend one, beautiful day celebrating our love with everyone with care for the most. Will you join me?”
Guys, if you can’t think of a way to propose, I give you permission to copy that!

I can also agree the what comes after the wedding is far more important: the marriage. The concept of merging into one another’s lives completely, building or buying a house, birthing children, creating and growing old together. The wedding itself is just something that the girl in me has always longed for. And that beauty up there is the perfect dress for me. Timeless, elegant and modest.

Way to talk myself right up there…

I don’t mean to say that I am timeless, elegant and modest (although if you’d like to think me that, I promise I won’t fight you), I just mean that these are descriptive words that always appealed to me. I’ve never been interested in being flashy, or in the spot light. I am not crazy, nor eccentric. In my past, I have longed to be, but with time it has become quite apparent that simplicity is my strongest suit.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have a picture of me wearing this beautiful gown.

 Or, you know, I’ll cause my current boyfriend to have a heart-attack induced by an overwhelming amount of marriage and wedding talk and find myself single!

I’d still probably wear this dress.

Afternoon tea with gal pals is reason enough to wear white, don’t you think?

white swan
That is all for now,

Stay sweet

Simple Sunday Survey

a simple saturday

out and a bout

Since yesterday was so beautiful, Baba and I took advantage of our day off to enjoy some lovely summertime weather. Originally the plan was to go to the Discovery Center and have a seriously awesome time with bubbles and other weird concoctions, but with the state of the weather, there was no use wasting it indoors.

So, instead, we walked the waterfront. It was absolutely beautiful a walk! It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon. Perfect, really.

Our first stop was this quaint, little Antique shop that I didn’t know existed. A little hole in the wall. I was so excited to have found it. Inside housed records, old nick-nacks, jewelry; you name it, and you’d find it there. Due to my recent interested in starting a seashell and ocean related collection, I contemplated purchasing a shell (yes, there was ample shell-age) but opted against it. The way I see it, my shell collection should begin with beautiful shells collected from the ocean, itself.

After was meandered about there – deciding to return – we decided to head to the Waterfront (hello, no brainer!) and head to the Market. This is where I found this!

This was a little more than a ‘hint’ of honey, if you know what I am sayin’!

After our stroll around the market, we decided to head out to eat. The walk back was so nice. Everyone was out and enjoying life. Smiling. Baba was in a good mood. It was bliss! Yes, I said it, ya jerk. Bliss!

Being that I am a total spaz, Baba was definitely the navigator of the afternoon. I could have easily had my eyes closed the entire time and I still managed to get from point a to point a without fail. Dinner was held at none other than my favorite place to eat: The Wooden Monkey.

This is my all-time favorite place to eat. I don’t know if it is the design, the food, the atmosphere or the workers. I think it is just everything. First of all, the waiters actually take the time to discover your personal needs as a consumer. They understand that in this day of age, people come with many different dietary restrictions (both Baba and I do: I maintain a generally low starch diet, while his stomach is unable to handle certain foods properly).  The staff is kind, warm-hearted and often humorous (one of the waiters did this neat flip-y thing with our glasses, that I just need to learn… to YouTube, with me!)

The food, in my opinion, is absolutely delightful. If going, I recommend one of the salads, their trio of dips (including a really interesting hummus – unlike any I’ve ever tasted) or their coconut quinoa pilaf. Absolutely amazing!

Baba ordered the BBQ chicken pizza sans onion and red pepper! He absolutely loved it – as he always seems to. He had polished the plate clean, which is not at all surprising to me. Only two nights prior, he single-handed-ly ate a sixteen inch pizza. I don’t know where he puts it!

I, on the other hand, enjoyed their Sweet Apple Salad avec 3 oz of free-range chicken and a whole grain mustard sauce. I loved it! The carrots and apple (which, I think, was granny smith) were done julienne and were  extremely tasty when eating together. It was sweet, crunchy and absolutely delish!

If you are ever in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I’d highly suggest you stop by and enjoy some grub!

a simple survey
An alphabetical list of simple things I love
A: Almond butter. Just simple almonds. Nothing makes me happier.
B: Babies. I absolutely love anything baby related. Sometimes, you’ll find me disappearing into the children section at my work place – or any store – to look at the baby stuff.
My cousins, Megan’s, son Jackson. HOW CUTE, RIGHT?
C: Coffee. I will attest to being a caffeine addict. Waking up to coffee every morning is the best feeling… ever.
D: Doodles. I am a avid doodler. Sometimes, there are lady bugs… with top hats. They’re fancy.
E: Elephant statues. I love elephants. One of my favorite animals.
F: Flowers. I honestly think that all problems can be solved when you are in the company of flowers.

G: Giving gifts. I love seeing the look on someone’s face when I give them something they’ve always really wanted. It’s so sweet.
H: High fives. I think they’re just as romantic as other physical forms of endearment. Plus, they’re positively reinforcing.
I: I love yous. Three itty bitty words. I say it a lot. I’ll just be sitting
J: Jumping Jacks. Gets the job done, am I right?
K: Kisses (fore head ones are the best)
L: Love. That’s all.
M: Mothers. I love Mothers. I mostly just love my Mother.

N: Necklaces – or jewelry – that holds significant meaning to you.
O: Omars. They’re simply wonderful.
(If you are not aware, this is Omar the Duck from one of my favorite Christmas movies)
You know, this one’s pretty okay, too…
P: Post-It Notes. I love writing notes to people on Post-Its. Ask Mama or Baba. They’ll tell you. 🙂
Q: Quiet time. I love the calm and still feeling of people being quiet and relaxed. AKA: I am pro-nap time.
R: Rain. When you’re inside and comfy/cozy. Best feeling ever. 🙂
S: Seashells. I love anything ocean related. To me, the ocean forces you to dream and aspire. When I look at the ocean, I feel anything is possible.
T:  Tea. I think it is my favorite drink of… ever.
U: Umbrellas! They’re right cutesy.
V: Vintage paintings and antiques. I love old things. They have stories. I want to know them.
W: Weddings and anything wedding related! I love love, guys.
X:  Xmas time! I love Christmas time. The baking, the music, the warmth, the family time. Ah, bliss! Also, watching The Ugly Duckling’s Christmas Wish, Annabelle Wish and The Tangerine Bear while it is snowing.
Y: Yogurt (greek). Addiction (yes).
Z:  Zooey Luigi Mearns. My pooch. I love her.
Yes, Zooey LUIGI. Like the Mario character. 🙂

today’s work out

So, this morning, I had a stroke of genius!

This was a lot of fun! Try it out 🙂

Stay sweet.

I’m a little weird and you’re a little weird…

Good morning everyone!
june yoga challenge
Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

Coming into this week, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do as much yoga / yoga hybrids as I would have liked, being that I was working every day of the week and had other obligations in my life. So, Sunday I dedicated my time to an entire hour long yoga session, led by Eoin Finn.

Back in the day of my yoga addiction (70 minutes of vinyasa-styled alignment yoga, daily) he was my yogi of choice. If you’ve never tried out his yoga DVDs, I’d highly suggest it. His entirely ideology and philosophy surrounding yoga is absolutely breath-taking. He’s a surfer at heart, and in many ways tries to tie the two together. The moves of your body through yoga poses, mimic to him the sweet motion of the waves.

His flows typically start with a classic Sun Salutation A and B (B including a Warrior Pose series), then moves into a floor series, followed by seated series. Being that his is a surfer, a lot of his postures are focused on aligning the body correctly, while focusing on opening up the hips. So, you can assure that you WILL be doing some pigeon varieties.

Throughout all of his practices (usually a DVD includes at least four separate flows), there is a feeling of ease present the entire time. Finn consistently reminds you to listen to your body and only go so far as it is ready to go. Yoga is not a forceful exercise, but one that is slow and easing. So, ease. He uses terms like, ‘this should feel like hot chocolate’, or ‘this is honey for your hips’. And, you know me with honey!

When researching his DVDs prior to trying them out, I discovered that a lot of people who had tried them found that they were far too challenging for beginners. I can attest to this, but yoga is something that seemed to come naturally to me for some reason. I don’t know why, but I’ve always kind of been flexible and good with balancing my body (unless a bicycle is involved…). However if you are a true beginner, it might be wise to start with something a little less rigorous, or adhere to the beginner modifications that are included.

Alternatively, if you are more advanced in the world of yoga, there is something here for you! Challenging postures are present throughout the each series (some of which, I have to pass on because I just simply can’t bend that way), which allow every participant to grow. This is truly fun for the whole family yoga.

For more information on Eion Finn and his yoga, please go to his website:

The series I preformed this week is found on his Blissology DVD, which has a different yoga series for everyday of the week. I took part in the Strength and Stretch (Thursday’s workout) routine, which I love.

Also, he supports hammocks. That alone proves his credibility.

I also continued with my daily sun salutes and tried to include yoga stretches immediately following my work outs. Other than that, most unfortunately, the last week was a dud.

I did however create a Navasana challenge, which incuded holding Navasana pose for 5 minutes. The entire challenge is ten minutes, but I was kind to you and let you rest.

Navasana Challenge

Hold Navasana (boat pose)
1 minute: lower to submarine and raise to  boat
1 minute bridge pose to stretch the abs (half or full bridge)
1 minute: boat pose alternating leg raises
1 minute bridge pose to stretch the abs (half or full bridge)
1 minute hold boat pose
1 minute bridge pose to stretch the abs (half or full bridge)
1 minute boat pose, opening legs wide as possible and pulling the back to center
1 minute bridge pose to stretch the abs (half or full bridge)
1 minute alternating leg pull ins (basically a crunch in boat pose)
1 minute bridge pose to stretch the abs (half of full bridge)

friday five

favorite moment

This week my favorite moment was by far the moments following an argument had between Omar and I. Him and I rarely argue, but when we do it gets pretty heated. We both have a tendency to talk over one another, so it gets pretty ridiculous really quickly. I am not going to get into why we were fighting, or how the fight developed, but I will say that you really realize how much you love someone the moments following an argument. Somehow by the end of our phone conversation, I was left having fallen a little bit further. I absolutely hate fighting – especially with him. It hurts my heart to do it, so I do whatever I can to keep it short and sweet.

I won’t lie and say that I didn’t have a second favorite moment! The sun was shining this week, so I took it upon myself to go outside and play.

I used to spend so much time outside, taking pictures of flowers, trees and animals. I loved it. Then, I stopped due to some unfortunately things (a one Mr. Ed). But, lately, with the sunshine and the happiness in my life all I wanted to do was go outside and take pictures.

Oh, and also…

Receiving these from BabaBear is always a treat.
I love you, Mister.
Let’s not argue anymore.
No fights; just love.

favorite food

So, I’ve heard a lot of about it, but I haven’t gotten around to trying it. Until now. Laughing Cow Wedges! They’re so yummy! Lately, I’ve been obsessed with slicing an apple and smearing Laughing cow cheese over it and calling it a way. I’ve been having little snack plates for lunch lately.

It is quite possible that I am still six years of age.

favorite workout
Well, as you know, this week my time crunch work outs have been pretty much all the rage. I’ve completed my week long 7:30AM work stretch and plan to design a really great full body, 45 minute work out for tomorrow – since I don’t work. This week, my favorite workout I took part in was my work out yesterday. It really worked my but. I’ve also discovered a love for jumping lunges. I used to have such an issue with them, but I’ve definitely improved my lunge jumping! Go, uh, go team!
favorite quotes

Okay, so I saw this quote and it totally caused me to smile:

I think I have a Dr. Seuss quotation for every facet of my life.
This is all you Mister mister.

favorite craft
Alright. So, I love Yoga as you all know. I also love crafts. I’ve always wanted to create a vision board and then have it – in some way – put onto a yoga mat. That way, every time I work out, I can look at all my hopes and dreams, which would only further propel me to accomplish what I want. Fitness, along with everything else in life, is all about wanting achieve something. I am a girl with an extensive list of goals. All of which I plan to achieve. I think my first step is to making my wishes that which I look at every single day. After already establishing this as a wish, I bought the Yogalosophy DVD – by Mandy Ingber – and discovered that she actually did it. One day, I will make one of these.

I think that is all for now, though.

Stay sweet,

Getting better with age.

Good afternoon!

thursday thoughts and things
There are four emotions that I’ve always somewhat struggled with. I mean, not to an extreme, but certainly enough for me to take notice. I’ve never been the kind of girl who thinks I come without flaw. In fact, I’ve always been the type of girl who verbalizes her flaws, regularly – often with humorous anecdotes to make it seem as if they don’t bother me, when sometimes they do. In short, I’m very self aware of both my strengths and my weaknesses. Of my (many) weaknesses, there are – as mentioned – four that have always gotten to me.
  • sensitivity;
  • inability to let things go;
  • fear of changes;
  • general assumption that I’m doing something wrong

A few of these (my sensitivity being the most notable) have yet to ease up, I will admit. There has been – I am very happy to say – some progress on the other three areas.

My Inability to Let Things Go

 I’ve always had a bit of an issue with this. If you hurt me, that was it. I wrote you off. I had this mentality that if you did something to hurt me, you didn’t care enough about me so I should not keep you in my life. Simple. Done and done. As I’ve mature, I’ve come to realize that life isn’t so black and white. In fact, there are a lot of gray areas. Someone who loves you dearly can easily hurt you, without realizing it. Everyone has differing opinions on things and therefore will ultimately be affected by situations in different ways. There are two sides to every story.

Looking back, I’m kind of regretful that I behaved that way. Or had that mentality. I can’t really think of any relationships – at the moment – that I have ruined by doing this. On the other hand, I can certainly think of a few current relationships that I would in no way want to end because of this mentality.

Alternatively, I came to the realization that I am not completely innocent here, either. I am equally able to hurt someone I care about as they are to hurt me. I certainly would not want someone to let me go because I did something I didn’t think would hurt them.

So, to sum up, I’m trying to let go of not letting go! When it comes to the important people in your life, you can’t let little things get in the way. Their role in your life is far too important to lose. I assure you.

My Fear of Changes

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve always had issues with changes. Even though I’ve adhered to changing things up regularly in my life, I am still plagued by this daily. Most recently my manager decided to take me off the Service desk and have me working the sales floor. At first, I was excited to do something different. Then, immediately after, I got nervous. What if I do a poor job? What if I get confused? What if… what if… what if?

What if I kick serious rump?

I am not saying that I did kick serious rump on the floor, but I’ve definitely been enjoying my time there! I still get a little worried every single time I leave to go home. I’m safely assuming that my work will be seen as half-ass’ed or something. I’m still getting used to the floor – again. It almost feels like I’m at a new job. But, I kind of like it. Like, a lot. I even have a preferred section!

This experience – although small – has reminded me to chill out a little more. You know, that experience and Omar.

My Assumption that I’m Always in the Wrong 

This one is a doozy. I don’t have a lot of confidence in myself and have a really bad habit of knocking myself down. I don’t really register it as ‘knocking myself down’ in most situations. Like I mentioned before, I often poke fun at myself to make it seem like I don’t care, when I really do. For some reason, when people laugh at these jokes, I turn it around in my head, thinking that them laughing is them agreeing to my statement.

This drives me loved ones absolutely crazy. And, understandably so. These people think highly of me and I refuse to believe it. Lately, however, I’ve been trying to focus on the parts of me I love. And, I have been making more of a point to vocalize the bits of me I think are awesome. Like, the progress my body has made and my vocabulary. I’m starting to realize that you can compliment yourself without sounding like you’re full of yourself.

i love summer


my work out
Stay lovely and sweet

Post one of the day: June Challenge! YOGA

Well, first things first!

I divided my posts into two because this one is just for the challenge, while my other one will be all rambles and good stuff!

june yoga challenge
Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

I’ve been doing my own thing with the yoga challenge, to be quite honest. Being that I an aspiring yoga/Pilates instructor, I’ve been using the June Yoga challenge as a way to test myself and see if I can actually create my own yoga sequences (instead of just following others).

This week I incorporated yoga everyday with awesome Sun Salutes!

Session One: I did a ab yoga sequence the included boat pose, plank pose, side plank, followed my a classic Warrior 1/2/3 sequence.
Session two: I used Goddess pose, chair pose and Warrior three pose in a circuit to tone my booty.
Session three: I did the Long and Lean (10 minute) routine from TIU beach babe DVD.

Session four (personal favorite of the week) was a tricep focused work out (see yesterday’s post for the work out). I managed to incorporate dolphin pose and inverted plank pose, which I hadn’t done, yet. It was a great challenge for me.

Today’s session was also very yoga based. It was an workout with core focus, that used yoga poses, as well as Pilates, to tone, shed fat and stretch – my front body needed some elongating.

today’s workout

Saluting your Sunshine Abs
Needed: yoga mat, interval timer
Set your interval timer to three five minute rounds (40/20 intervals), with 5 minute breaks.

2 minute cardio warm up of choice.

5 minute yoga ab routine – do each yoga posture/toning exercise for one minute.
– Plank with alternating knee pull ins (pull right knee to right side of chest, then return and repeat on left side). 1 minute
– Side plank oblique twists (Think of TIU warm hugs) 30 seconds each side.
– Mountain climbers. 1 minute
– Low plank / chatarunga hold. 1 minute
– Plank with alternating knee pull ins, with oblique focus (pull right knee to left side of chest, then return and repeat on left side). 1 minute.

5 minute HIIT: This is your cardio. 40/20 intervals. Anything you want. Bike, jog, sprint, body weight work! I did high knees, oblique squats, and gliders for this. Lately – just a side note – for cardio, I’ve been loving just jumping around, haha. Anything that’ll get my sweating, basically.

5 minute break. Not! This will be a yoga AMRAP challenge. Complete a vinyasa flow styled Sun Salute (mountain–>forward bend–>forward bent with back extended–>jump to plank–>chataranga—>upward dog–>plank–>downward dog–> jump to forward bend–>mountain pose) (each pose to breath) continuously for 2.5-5 minutes. Once you’re until able to continue (don’t push yourself too far!) rather a) rest in child’s pose for 30 seconds and then continue the rest of the time with a light jog/walk. Or, just go right into a light jog/walk.

Repeat the 5 minute HIIT above! Again, any way you want.

5 minute AMRAP challenge. Yep, again. Only this time. Add some Warrior Woman material! mountain–>forward bend–>forward bent with back extended–>jump to plank–>chataranga—>upward dog–>plank–>downward dog–> pull right leg forward to warrior one –> return to plank –> repeat on left –> return to plank –> jump to forward bend–>mountain pose. Again, when tired, please listen to your body and stop. These vinyasas create heat and flow and could therefore cause one to become rather a) dizzy or b) light-headed. We don’t want that, at all. Ensure that with each pose you’re watching your form. Get the positioning right, then worry about how fast you’re going. Keep in tune with your breath. Connect with it.

5 minute yoga ab work in boat pose. One minute of each move.
– Boat star move (lean back, tips of toes place gently to the ground and with straight arms, twist your torso, allowing your hands to reach the ground behind you. This will work your obliques. Keep core engaged. 1 minute
– Low boat hold. 1 minute
– Full boat hold. 1 minute
– Lie on your back with your head one inch from the ground and alternate lifting you legs and reaching for your foot with your opposite hand. 1 minute
– Place arms behind you, sturdy, but lean back to really engage the abs. Hold one leg one inch from the ground and hold that other roughly 45 degress from the ground. Point your toe and make small circles with your foot. Continue for 30 seconds. Repeat with other leg.

Stretch and done.

As mentioned before, my front body needed serious attention. So, I created a 5 minute yoga flow, holding each pose for about five breaths.
Mountain–> forward bend –> plank –> upward dog –> downward dog –> warrior one –> reverse warrior –> repeat, but with other leg –> plank –> downward dog –> staff pose –> inverted plank –> staff pose –> cat/cow stretch –> camel pose –> plank –> pigeon with back leg up (90 degree angle in the knee) –> continue that pose, but reach arms back holding erected foot with both hands, to really hope the front body –> repeat on other side –> plank pose –> downward dog –> child’s pose –> savasana!

It was something along those lines. I knew what parts of my body required stretchin’ attention. It wasn’t really planned, just done. 🙂

I think that sums it up.

My favorite move by far this week was my Warrior 1-Warrior 3 tricep move.

If you missed it before, essentially, you begin in Warrior 1, with your hands above your head holding 2-5 lb dumbbells. You then preform one overhead Tricep extension and as you return your hands to an upright position, you lean forward into a Warrior three pose, while strongly bringing your arms forward in front of you, then preforming one tricep extension from that position. After you complete 15 reps of that, hold warrior three and create small backward pulses with your arms.

It is so effective! I love it.

Stay sweet. 🙂