It’s been a while

university: more than just academically educating
signs on doors are often of great value
It was my first day of classes and – without any real regard – I walked into the class written on my weekly schedule. The professor had been incredibly late, while I had been incredibly early. After about ten minutes, the prof decided it was time to show up. Apparently she was unaware of how far her office was from the classroom.Tardiness is unacceptable.
Regardless, after about two-three minutes into the lecture and a whole bunch of words I didn’t know, I turned to the girl on my right and sheepishly asked, ‘is this Research Methods in Psychology?’
The girl looked at me, puzzled, and replied: ‘No. No, this is taxonomy’.
First of all, I don’t know what ‘taxonomy’ is, but if ‘tax’ and/or ‘taxes’ are involved, one can assume business and/or money is also involved and therefore a one Ms. Caitlyn Mearns needs to get out. So, quietly, I walked out with absolutely no idea as to where I was suppose to be.
Turns out, another building completely.
So, consequently, I boogied my ass right over to the right building and meandered about to find the right class, which by this point was already well on its way. Which, I’ll have you know is no walk in the park  (no pun, intended) considering womem of my age group seem to deem it completely reasonable to wear heals that are way too high for them, causing them to not only walk awkwardly, but slowly. Yeah, I have no time girls. You’re going to Mathematics, not Milan.
But, I digress.
I reached my destination, hoping to find that it was a large class, that allowed me to sneak in unnoticed. Nope. It was actually quite small, housing – at most – 20 students.
So, in the future, I intend to make sure I look around because apparently – unbeknownst to me – there was a sign outside of the original classroom, informing students of a classroom change. Observant? Me? Apparently not.
students are frugal s.o.b’s 
Being a fan of the ability to fold and contort my body in most unusual ways, it is not unlike me to do so in the chair of any given classroom. That is, I tend to sit and balled-up as virtually possible during lectures. Considering the areas where we need to sit tend to run… small, I often find myself placing my textbooks underneath my seat.
Now, being that I am – like – extremely focused, sometimes my mind slips and I leave mentioned book there. Not 75 minutes passed before I scurried back to that classroom to get my book and it had already been scooped up. Now, in the event that this was not a school-made course book valued at 20 dollars, I probably would have had a stroke. But, I just bought a new one. Regardless, I have not again put any book – coursebook or otherwise – under my chair.
being awkward is not something the decreases with age
The moment I turned 21, I thought maybe – just maybe – that would lend itself to my being a little less awkward. Turn the big ol’ two-one is an exciting thing, right? Well, I think it is possible that my levels of awkwardness have only proven to show a correlation with my increasing age: it’s going up with it.
After getting out of class and meandering through my bag – starving – looking for my apple, I looked up to see this guy from my high school. He had changed a fair bit, and I hadn’t seen him for two years so I had to adjust my eyes on him a bit. Anyhow, point is, there I am apple in mouth, apple juice dripping down my chin giving this guy the shocked, “I know you” look that is still somewhat laced with the, “Wait – do I know you?” look.
This would have been weird, yes, but had he of remembered me it would have been justified. Most unfortunately, he did not. So, I merely looked like a apple-hungry weirdo giving him the weird set of eyes known to man.
you’re mind is stronger than your body – lactic acid can kiss me arse
Since there is now a change in my schedule, there is also a change in my routine. Instead of my normal morning routines, I’ve broken it into two smaller routines (20ish minutes each). One in the morning and one in the afternoon. My morning one is mostly cardio with some body weight training and I usually do some toning exercises in the afternoon.  I’ve started to lift a bit heavier and I love it. I’ve also incorporated more yoga – much more yoga. I’ve re-re fallen in love. I happily say I’ve mastered (MASTER) crow pose.
I used to be afraid of working out twice a day. Furthermore, I used to be afraid of only sweating for 20 minutes (typically each work out runs to 30 minutes long, but I do a lot of stretches). But, nope. Turns out, my body loves it and I do too.
school is my home away from home and i’ve missed it
This will sound lame, but on the way to my school I pass where I was working. Or, rather, was working full time. There have been two to three occasions where in I almost turned to my father – who drives me to the bus stop so I don’t have to transfer… cha-ching! – where he was going because he was passing work. It would only be for a split moment until I realized that I wasn’t going to work.
Additionally, last night at work I was talking to a woman about ‘getting out’. I used to literally fear my permanence in retail. Maybe it was just my own insecurities getting the best of me, but I used to look at my name tag and think, ‘get used to it Princess’.
Furthermore, school has pushed me to get better my health. And by that, I mean my diet. And my fitness regime. Each day I go to school I am reminded that I have an entire life ahead of me. A career, a beautifully amazing boyfriend to whom I plan to share a life with (a home, children and probably a few furry friends, included)… I need to get over this. First of all, I want to be strong and beautiful, not brittle.
I’ve decided to commit to 30 minutes of exercise, daily. I love to work out each day, but I need to remember… you don’t need to hurt yourself or over do it. I’m also going to focus more on strength training and yoga, rather than cardio. Essentially, it’ll look like this
Monday and Wednesday: 15 minutes of cardio + 15-25 minutes of lower body work .
Tuesday and Thursday: 15 minutes of cardio + 15-25 minutes of upper body work.
Saturday and Sunday: 30 minutes of cardio (5 warm up, 20 HIIT, 5 cool down)
Friday: 45 minute of Spin N’ Stretch (this is my own thing, that incorporates my spin bike and my yoga mat)
These times are pretty set in stone. Until I can prove to myself that I can eat more, I am to stick to these time constraints. This said, stretching is not part of the time limits. If I want to do a 20 minute yoga routine on top of this, I can. Why? Because yoga – in my mind – is more important than anything else. Yoga has toning benefits, cardiovascular benefits, without killing you.
As goes for my food, I’m – effective immediately – increasing my caloric intake. Generally speaking, people – active or not – should be taking in 1900-2100 calories, depending upon their sex and stuff. Well, I’m still at 1750 (on a good day). Last night, I finally made it to 1850 and today will be not different.
I will still have my six meals. Why? Because I still think eating smaller meals is better. But, I will NEED to ensure that these small meals are not… so small. So, essentially, until I can do this without numbers
I will have three meals of 400 calories
and three snacks of  200 calories
🙂 Wish my luck!

My Take Tuesday: Cutting Carbs and Cardio.

my take tuesday: cutting carbs and cardio
Alright, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. I’ll start off by telling you my position on both matters: In regard to cutting your cardio, I am very much a pro! But, in regard to cutting your carb intake… I am a solid heck no!

cutting cardio: when too much sweat is not sweet

Being the erstwhile cardio-queen that I am, I can completely understand why people absolutely love cardio. And, I am not going to sit here and say that isn’t a good form of physical activity, at all! But at the end of the day, I don’t think it is the most important for, by any means!

I guess it really all depends on your goals, but even in the even that you’re looking to lose weight, I think cardio should merely be something to further your toning regime. In my opinion, cardio is extremely harsh on the body. Don’t get my wrong, I love a good sprint or HIIT on my spin bike, but my cardio is usually broken up into small, intesne 5-20 minute blasts. If it is a mainly cardio day, I’ll warm up for five minutes, do a 20 minute HIIT routine, then cool down for 5 minutes. Alternatively, if I am doing Barre/Pilates or Yoga, I will often add 15 minutes of cardio into the circuit, just to keep my heart-rate elevated. That’s it, though. No long distance running. No two hours on the elliptical.

First of all, what is that really accomplishing? Unless you’re training for a marathon of some sort, long distance cardio has virtually no benefits if continued for longer then an hour (depending on your energy expenditure, this time could easily lessen). The more fuel your body burns, the more fuel your body requires. Therefore, after a certain amount of time running on the treadmill, while you’re thinking ‘I’m awesome’, your body is thinking ‘you’re nuts’. By the end you look down at your caloric burn, seeing a high number (which is probably incorrect) and get a feeling of accomplishment.

Then, you go eat a lot because you’re starving.

In my opinion, long distance cardio is best at a low intensity for about 45-60 minutes. If the idea of it didn’t bore me so much, I’d probably adhere to committing to doing this once a week, but eh, it’s not for me. Not to mention, who really here has the time to be at the gym that long? If you do, you might want to evaluate your life a little. Fitness is a great additive to any lifestyle (one I think more people should include in their own), but I don’t think it should ever become the main part of your life. For me, fitness is huge. But not that actual doing of it. Yes, I work out daily, but what I love more is the feeling after and the learning of new and inventive moves. And from there, sharing it with everyone I know! Teaching, inspiring and growing. Not just the part where I sweat.

In the event that you are looking to lose weight, I would suggest HIITs as well as longer distance cardio. Maybe twice a week do a HIIT routine lasting 20-3o minutes, then two times a week do a long distance cardio routine lasting 30-60 minutes. Pair this with ample stretches and toning exercises and you’re set. Oh, and of course – let’s not forget – a clean diet.

Abs be made in the kitchen, not the gym!


cutting carbs: when you can have you’re cake and eat it, too… kind of… 

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the healthy living phenomenon of the ‘low carb’ diet.

I’d like to go on record to say:
This, right here, is bullshit.

Excuse my french.

First of all, I will never condone the ‘cutting’ of any major macro-nutrient from one’s diet.  Second of all, carbohydrates are the best form of energy out of the three! Carbohydrates – from fruits, vegetables, whole grains and pulses – give your body ample energy! So, if you’re looking to increase your cardiovascular activity, please don’t think for a moment that you’re allowed to cut out these bad boys! In all honesty, if you were to talk to a marathon runner, you’d probably find yourself shocked with how many carbs they eat. Why? Because they’re burning so much fuel in their work outs, that that need to refuel with – yes, that’s right – carb-y carbs!

What people don’t seem to comprehend is that fruits and vegetables are carbs. When people hear the word carb, I think they’re actually registering the word ‘cake’ or ‘cookie’. Carbs are not the enemy! What is? simple sugars, processed and refined carbs and even starches in high amounts.

This is where things get a little tricky.

While I don’t ever want you to cut carbs, I am a huge advocate of focusing on getting your carbs from certain foods, instead of others. If you were to read the Canada’s Food Guide, you’d see that you should be getting seven to 11 servings of grains a day. I think that is a load of crock, to be completely truthful. You can get the same nutrient value from fruits and vegetables. You just need to eat more of them and focus on vegetables with a lot of fiber! Broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, sweet potatoes, squashes, cauliflower… etc. They’re all starchier, but they’re full of vitamins and fiber. Not to mention your body is meant to process them, so during the digestive process your body knows exactly what to do! This is why eating refined foods – like cakes and chips and stuff – causes weight gain. Sometimes your body isn’t sure how to react to the fuel your giving it. So, instead of thinking too hard, it stores it as fat. It’s kind of like your body’s ‘when all else fails’ approach. Aside from produce, whole grains are a great way to get your carbs! I have committed to having four full grain servings (around 90-110 calories each) and four full fruit servings (60-80 calories each) and an unlimited supply of vegetables. Eat your greens!

yum, carbohydrates!

This works for me, but it may not work for you. Remember when eating listen to your body and you’ll see great results.

That said, I also don’t condone refusing yourself treats. I am kind of a weird girl who doesn’t crave baked goods. If I want a bite, I’ll have a bite. But I don’t have much of a sweet tooth (okay, honey aside) so I don’t really ever want it. I’d much rather suck back on a spoonful of nut butter, to be honest.

Probably with some honey…

and some Greek Yogurt…

Regardless, if you want a slice of cake, I am in no way saying that you can’t have it. That’s, again, denying your body of something, which is just not at all productive. Treat yourself to cake!


Gosh dang, Mama makes a good looking baked good, hmmm.


That’s my take
Stay sweet,


The Value of a Friend

Good morning world!
tuesday thoughts
Over the past few months, a common theme has become very relevant within my life. What theme is that? Friendship.
I’ve often struggled when it comes to friends. As with most people, the concept of ‘true friendship’ was never properly defined to me and I was therefore unable to distinguish which of my friends were genuine and which were friends of convenience. After high school the defining lines become more apparent. You are not forced to spend time with a certain set of people, so therefore it is entirely up to you to keep in contact. I won’t lie in saying that I have often been the cause of the drift.
During my younger years, I adhered to what I thought was me. And furthermore, would become extremely defensive should someone suggest I was anything else. Trying so hard to maintain a certain image is a sure way of suggesting that perhaps that that personality isn’t true to you. In high school I wanted to be a loud-mouthed activist. A feminist, among other things. Now, while I have absolutely no issues with feminism (when not taken to the extreme) and believe in and equality between men and women, that is no my true personality. So, the connections I had made in high school – although wonderful – were not connections made because of who I truly was. So, after I discovered my true self, the personalities held by these individuals and I didn’t mesh. This doesn’t mean I do not still miss or care for these people, but that we have merely grown apart. I will always love these people, looking fondly upon our moments together. However for now our paths are going in different directions – a concept I’ve grown to accept.
Then there are the friendships that always seem to work. Even after a great deal of hurt.
Most recently I’ve began to speak to an old friend of mine once again. Our friendship had ended quiet unfortunately, and I had honestly never expected for us to reconnect. Words had been said and feelings had been hurt, and there mere notion of letting each other back was somewhat… scary – for lack of a better term. Occasionally we would send the other a kind hello, but nothing ever came from it.
Tacitly, we were both saddened by the parting.
Then, one day something happened. We decided to make amends. Being that we are both full-grown adults, both of us saw no reason to hold such a grudge toward the other. We said our apologies, took responsibility for what we had done wrong and moved on. Now, in a lot of ways, our friendship seems to be more cohesive than ever. We have been supportive to each other in a multitude of ways: including our goals, boys, self-esteem and much more and have caused each other to laugh frantically, even though our friendship has only just regrown.
Friendships like these are the ones to keep; friendships like these are the ones to remember.
It is also important to remember not to forget current friends when introducing new friends – or re-establishing old friends – into your life.  I have made this mistake many times in life, and I am sure you have as well. Never forget the silver and gold saying, okay guys?
To essentially sum up my ramble, I just want to say:
1) Always give second chances
As I’ve said in the past, there is always two sides to a story. Always. Just because you feel like you were in the right, doesn’t mean you were. Accept what you did wrong, and accept any apologies that are given. Any relationship is give and take,  so ensure that a decent amount of both is being done;
2) Always remain your true self and look for people who will support and love you for that
Friendships really are not worth it if it is not because of who it is you are. Right?
Today is just a short entry, as I work soon. Tomorrow be prepared for two new workouts and two reviews!

Stay sweet


White Lies, White Dresses and White Swan Work Out

wednesday w’s

This weeks post is divided into three very important topics. Being that I am a sucker for alliteration – as you well know – all topics begin with ‘W’! And further more, they all begin with ‘White’.

white lies
One thing I will never truly understand is lying. In my life time I  have told a small lie here or there in order to protect someone from getting hurt. The best example I can think of would be if someone asked me if I liked their shirt and I said I did when I really didn’t care for it. I mean, if someone wanted a really thought-out opinion, I’d give it to them no problem, but in these scenarios I feel it is not a big deal to just let them here what it is they want to hear.
It is larger, more ridiculous lies that I will never fully comprehend. You know the lies that are told with absolutely no reason at all.
Where in someone’s mind does it become OK to make up a completely incorrect story? Is there any real justification for the lying, or is it truly just a compulsion that you have absolutely no control over? Regardless of your personal motive, understand that lying and all other forms of balderdash will come back and bite you in the bum. Perhaps not right away, but with time, it will surely make it’s move on you.
As I mentioned above, I’ve never been one to really take to the practice of ‘lying’ – mostly due to the fact that I stutter and get sweaty palms and can’t lie very well. I have, however been on the receiving end. In my past, there have been situations wherein I’ve addressed a certain person regarding a certain situation and had the respond to me with nothing more than complete and utter bull-poop. Alternatively, I have also been in situations where I discover down the road that a person has lied about a great deal of things – leaving me shocked and kind of disgusted.
What does the do for you? How does this – in any way – further your life?
If you are of the variety of people who feel the need to lie about virtually everything, I think it might be wise of you to really think about your priorities in life. I think you should take some time to think about why it is you feel you need to lie. How will you ever know if someone likes you if you don’t let them see the real you? At the end of the day, would you not rather be praised for who you are, rather than praised for a person you invented?
white dresses

Alright! Enough of lying chat. Onto more important things!

If you know me at all, you’d know I have a small, tiny obsession that takes over every fiber of my being. Now, let me tell you, most recently, I have fallen in love (sorry Baba).

In the past, I was extremely embarrassed about my love of all things wedding related. Wedding dresses, flowers, decor… all of it just makes me insanely happy. Why? I can’t even explain it. It isn’t even my wishing and hoping and planning my own wedding (though, let’s no suggest that isn’t part of it). It’s the whole she-bang in general. I love love and everything that comes along with it.

To me, weddings are the declaration of love: the ultimate ‘I want to be with you forever and I want everyone to know about it’. I can attest to the statement that getting married and having a wedding just ends in a silly piece of paper that in no way defines how much you love someone. But to me, it is a lot more.  To get married and have a wedding – no matter the size – is to say: “Hi. I love you. I love you a whole lot, and I want to spend the rest of my days with you. But, you know what? I want the whole world to regard us as an ‘us’, officially. I want to share with you everything. I want to spend one, beautiful day celebrating our love with everyone with care for the most. Will you join me?”
Guys, if you can’t think of a way to propose, I give you permission to copy that!

I can also agree the what comes after the wedding is far more important: the marriage. The concept of merging into one another’s lives completely, building or buying a house, birthing children, creating and growing old together. The wedding itself is just something that the girl in me has always longed for. And that beauty up there is the perfect dress for me. Timeless, elegant and modest.

Way to talk myself right up there…

I don’t mean to say that I am timeless, elegant and modest (although if you’d like to think me that, I promise I won’t fight you), I just mean that these are descriptive words that always appealed to me. I’ve never been interested in being flashy, or in the spot light. I am not crazy, nor eccentric. In my past, I have longed to be, but with time it has become quite apparent that simplicity is my strongest suit.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have a picture of me wearing this beautiful gown.

 Or, you know, I’ll cause my current boyfriend to have a heart-attack induced by an overwhelming amount of marriage and wedding talk and find myself single!

I’d still probably wear this dress.

Afternoon tea with gal pals is reason enough to wear white, don’t you think?

white swan
That is all for now,

Stay sweet

Simple Sundays: Mother-Daughter and Surfer Girl Work Out

simple sunday
Last night Mama and I did something we haven’t done in a really long time. We watched a movie! Not just any movie! One of the best movies of all time. We watched Steel Magnolias!
If you’ve never seen Steel Magnolias, I’d suggest you go watch it right now – especially if you’re a woman who is close to her mother. So, today’s Simple Sunday is simply: Mother and Daughter Movies. I will list to you my top three favorite!
First and foremost, the inspiration itself:
First of all, look at that cast! Julia Roberts, Sally Field, Dolly Parton… you know things will be good when Dolly is involved (does anyone else agree that Dolly owns the song ‘I Will Always Love You’? I don’t care what everyone says, it’s hers). The relationship between Sally Field and Julia Roberts is absolutely breathtaking! Throughout the movie, they share little smirks and eyes, which really allow the viewers to get a feel for how strongly they care for each other.

It’s amazing.

The story follows a group of women living in a small town. Sally Field is the mother of Julia Robert’s character, who is a newly wed with a bad case of diabetes. Her case is so severe that doctors warn her about carrying a child – a piece of advice that is paid little heed. Soon, Robert’s character does, in fact, become pregnant and opts to keep the child. This creates a bond between the mother and daughter and a story that is both heartbreaking and comical at the same time. Honestly, while watching this movie, you’re not sure if you’re crying because you’re so sad, or your laughing so hard. I think it might be both.
The characters played by Olympia Dukakis and Shirley MacLaine (does anyone else not love this woman?) are my personal favorites. Throughout the entire film their constant banter and general regard to one another is so humorous you find yourself wishing that there was more of it. They love to hate each other; it’s absolutely hilarious. There are several parts in the film where I was concerned about having a laugh-inducing accident in my drawers.
Again, I say, should you be of the unfortunate group of people who haven’t seen this movie. Go, no. Watch it. You’ll regret nothing.

First I’d like to say that it is complete coincidence that this movie also stars Julia Roberts.
 Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts will steal your heart in this timeless story of two women brought together by circumstances that are ideal to no one. Sarandon plays a divorced mother of two, who wants nothing more than to be everything her children could ever desire. Unfortunately when her ex-husband (Ed Harris) becomes involved with another woman (Roberts), her natural instincts cause her behaviors to often bias and driven by jealousy.
Both the story and characters within this movie come with many levels. During some moments you want to absolutely shake Sarandon’s character for being closed-minded, yet at the same time you find yourself slowly falling in love with her. Likewise, Julia Roberts plays a genuinely likable character – especially considering in the simplest terms she is portraying the ‘other woman’.
Similarly to Steel Magnolias, this movie will have you both laughing and crying (I’m beginning to wonder if this is a common theme among mother-daughter flicks). During one scene you’ll be dancing your heart out, and in the next you’ll be reaching for the tissues.
I truthfully don’t believe that they make movies like this anymore.
If you have not seen this movie, I again suggest you go pick it up!
The last is not a movie at all…
…but a show.
This show has also held a very special place in my heart. Maybe it is because through most of my high school career, I was endlessly compared to the character of Rory Gilmore (something that has been both a great compliment and a huge annoyance), or maybe it was simply due to the fact that it mirrors very closely the relationship held between my mother and I.
As mentioned, throughout my days, I’ve had several people ask me if this show was in some way loosely based off my life. Their reasons included: you are a the proverbial ‘good girl’, you’re close to your mother, you have a passion for writing and journalism, popular culture references make up about 55% of my dialogue and I am have a slight caffeine addiction and a mouth the won’t quit… talking.
During high school I disagreed. I mean, yes, it was a total compliment, but at the same time it made me feel as if I had to live up to the high expectations of a one Ms. Rory Gilmore (I simply do not believe anyone is that perfect). Now, looking back, I truly see where it is everyone is coming from. No, I am not suggesting that I am the real life Rory Gilmore, I’m just saying that I do see a great deal of parallels – mostly in dealing with the relationship between my mother and I.
If you’ve never watched this show, I suggest you proceed with caution as it is not for everyone. Perhaps you should chug back an 18oz mug of strong coffee beforehand. It might be for the best.
Other Movies That I Love:
1. How to Make an American Quilt
2. The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood
3. Little Women
4. Terms of Endearment
5. Anywhere But Here
What are some of your all-time favorite Mother/Daughter films?
think-y thoughts
I haven’t made a really good post about fitness lately, so I thought it was about time.
I will never understand why people are so comparative – myself, included – in regard to their fitness regime. Yesterday, I went out to coffee with a friend and she informed me that she worked out for the first time in a while the night before. She did forty minutes of cardio, followed by an additional x amount (I can’t recall the number) of meters in the pool. My first reaction? ‘Holy mother! I never exceed 45 minutes in a workout. That includes my warm up and cool down! Clearly, I am not doing enough’.
Then I said to myself (in my head, so I didn’t freak her out): “Caitlyn, cut that out!”.
Why do I do that?
I mean, no, I don’t exceed that much time. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t. I just don’t feel the need. Being that I used to be a cardio junkie, I still sometimes feel badly about cutting my cardio down so much. Instead of an hour daily, I’m doing 20 minutes each day along with toning and stretching. Since I began this system my body has changed in so many positive ways, yet hearing this still made me feel inadequate.
I think it is highly important for people to continually evaluate their own personal goals when they become interested in maintaining a physically active lifestyle. As human beings were are consistently changing, so why should our workouts be any different? Who knows, in a few months time, I might hate what I am doing now and become strictly interested in walking and yoga. Or maybe I’ll try out CrossFit or something equally and action-packed and become interested in pursuing that. Who knows? With fitness, it should always been about what makes you feel food in that given moment.
If you hate running long distances (Hello!), don’t do it. If you think yoga is pointless (although, I think everyone should include some kind of stretching into their weekly routine), steer clear of the ‘OM’… it’s not rocket science, it’s fitness. I know it is a cliche, but find something that you love and stick with it! Now that I follow this I wake up every morning thinking, “I can’t wait to work out!” instead of thinking “God damn, I need to work out”.
So please! Should you be guilty of being far too concerned with how your fitness routine matches up to someone else’s, ask yourself three questions:
1. Do I like my work outs?
2. Do I get excited to work out?
3. Do I feel good after my work out?

If you said ‘yes’ to all three (which, I have), then please disregard that comparative nature and keep on trucking!
At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how you feel.

Speaking of which, today I had a GREAT work out. Sunday’s are the one day I extend my 20 minute cardio to 30 minutes and pair it with a 15-30 minute stretching session. My cardio today was designed by me and inspiring by… surfing! Why? Because it is summer and that is when people surf…

This definitely will make you sweat and get your heart rate up. With some really good music, it’s an awesome workout!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you today.

Stay sweet,


Opening up your heart; opening up your world

Good morning lads and lasses!

over the breakfast bowl

When you meet someone and fall in love there are certain things that you need to open your mind to. First, your heart. You need to allow them into your heart. You need to be willing to let yourself feel for them, while letting them feel for you, as well. You can’t be embarrassed to feel or to express, to have or to hold.

When I first decided to experiment with love, I thought that this would be the most difficult thing to do. I was wrong.

Letting someone into your whole world is by far the scariest part.

Sometimes, you’re legs… they’re not perfectly shaved. Other times, you are moody or upset for no apparent reason (which, we blame on PMS even if it isn’t that specific time of our cycle). Or, in my case, you’re life is a certain way and you’re scared how someone will fit into each facet of it. Even if the person doesn’t care how you spend your day, as long as you choose to spend it with them.

As mentioned in my last post I have never been good with change. Not at all.

Last night, my boyfriend surprised me – quite amazingly – by bringing all of the needed materials to not go home and spend the night. Now, this wasn’t the first time we had spent the night together, and I had been hinting to him how much I wanted him to, but the moment he told me I started to panic.


Every morning I have what I call my ‘me’ time. During 80% of the day, I’m open and friendly, talkative to no end. However during the hours of 6:00AM and 7:45AM, I have my me-time. I get up, have a small 1/2 breakfast, let it set while planning out my workout, workout, wash and the other half of my breakfast. The breakfast pre-work out focuses on energy supply for my workout, while the breakfast following focuses on protein and some carbs, for recovery purposes. After that, my day goes like the rest of the world. During this time, I’m very quiet. It’s my introspective time for me to think, reflect and calm my mind. I was scared – for some reason – for my boyfriend to see this.

He (like with almost everything I freak out about) didn’t really see any issue. He completely understood that I needed my ‘me’ time because a lot of people need ‘me’ time.

Needless to say, I realize in hindsight that I completely overreacted. The night was absolutely perfect. And, the next day was even better. I did my thing and he did his. Afterward, we came together and discussed our things. It was lovely! I guess I just need to remember that when you fall for someone, everything they do is perfect. Even if it drives you crazy, because you’re crazy about them.

challenges and changes

Something big has made a change. Something really, really big.

I’m sure you’ve seen this guy…

Well, there is a new bowl in the rotation!

The other day, Omar and I went to a local clay painting place and did some serious painting of clay. I wanted a new oatmeal bowl, so it was clear what needed to be done…

That said, I couldn’t leave the one I was with unmentioned.

He made one too!

The back reads, “I love you to the moon”, which is one of our sayings to each other.

I’ve also decided to change up my work outs, ever so slightly.

Again? Really?



Because I’ve been falling more and more in love with yoga, Pilates and – now – Barre. So, I’ve been doing the research and finding ways to incorporate them all into my daily work outs!

The Plan:
Sunday = 20 minuts HIIT + 20-35 minutes of flow yoga
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday = 16-25 minute HIIT + 20 minutes of upper and lower body toning (Monday is focused more on arms, back and chest and Wednesday is most focused on legs and my glutes; Saturday is just whatever I want).
Tuesday and Friday = 20-30 minutes of cardio and ab work (10-15 minutes of ab work).
Thursday is a focused day. I’ll pick one body part and REALLY challenge it.

Today is Thursday! Therefore, a challenge was called for.

A Tri-ing Warrior Work Out
What You’ll Need: Interval timer, yoga mat, 3-5lb dumbbell, water.
Set your time to two rounds of 45/15 intervals, with a 5 minute break in the middle

Begin with a 2 minute cardio warm up. Jogging in place is fine!

Circuit One: Tri to be a Warrior!
Begin in Warrior One position. Hands held firmly over head, with weights pressed together. Preform one overhead Tricep extension. From there, slowly lean forward – core engaged – lifting your left leg behind you, easing into a Warrior Three pose. As you continue this fluid motion, create an erected arm over your head and with complete control, pull arms back into a back extension. That’s one rep. Complete fifteen, balancing on your right leg.

At 15 reps, hold warrior 3 pose and begin pulse your arms back. Keep core and stationary leg strong.

Repeat once on other side.

Preform a 8 minute HIIT (45/15 intervals). Any form of cardio you want.

5 Minute Tri Challenge!

One minute each, until fail!
– Reverse plank leg raises, alternating
– Table position tri dips
– Jog
– Tricep push ups
– Low (chataranga) plank hold.

Preform another 8 minute HIIT (45/15 intervals).

Repeat first circuit again!

Stretch and done.

This work out was awesome! I’m loving the combination of yoga moves with Pilates moves.
My tris are feeling this bad boy!

That’s all for now.

Oh no! Oat meal is gone and my post is over.

Stay sweet.

Caitlyn. 🙂

What I Ate, Widdle your Middle and Wednesday

what I Ate wednesday

Meal One: Egg white banana whipped oats topped with Love Grown Granola, Banana slices, blueberries and Almond butter.

Whip it Good Oats

Bring water to a boil.
Add 1/3 cup of oatmeal and 1/2 T of chia;
Reduce to a low heat and add 50g (about 1/2 – though I used about 1/4 of the banana in the oats and used the rest on the top of them) a thinly sliced banana;

When well whipped, add 1/4 cup of egg whites;

Add stevia, cinnamon and so forth to taste, then transfer into a bowl and add toppings!
The toppings, 1/4 banana, 1/4 cup blueberries and a handful of Love Grow Oats. Oh, and 1/2T of Almond butter, of course.

Following my breakfast (or, about an hour or so later), I completed – yet another – yoga hybrid work out. Thanks to Courtney@SweetToothSweetLife I’ve really gotten into hybrid work outs! I love the benefits of yoga, but my HIITs are something I don’t want to stop. I love them way too much.

Widdle my Middle Work Out

What You’ll Need:
Yoga mat, water, interval timer

Warm up: 1 minute jog + 1 minute AMRAP Sun Salutations

Set your Interval Timer to six rounds of four minute intervals (30 seconds high; 10 seconds low), with 2 minute breaks in between each set – these breaks will not be used for rest, so take breaks as needed.

You will be repeating this series, two times through.
Each series is comprised of two yoga-inspired toning moves: One which targets abs, the other targets your obliques.

Series One: Downward Dog Series
Move one: Begin in downward dog position and using your abs, pull your body forward into a plank. Pull your left leg into your elbow, then return to plank and pull right leg in. Continue this AMRAP for 1 minute.
Move two: Preform the same movements, only pull the leg to the opposite elbow. Left to right; right to left. 1 min AMRAP

Preform your 4 minute HIIT. 30 seconds high, 10 low. Any cardio you’d like.

Series Two; Boat Pose Series
Move one: Begin in Boat Pose (your but rested on the ground, you body creating a V-shape. Legs extended off the ground). Slowly lower until feet and head are about 1-inch off the ground, then return to boat position. AMRAP 1 min.
Move two: Remain in boat pose, but instead of lowering, hold your hands over your chest (feet held in air) and twist, letting your elbows touch the ground behind you (russian twist). 1 min AMRAP

Perform your 4 minute HIIT.

Series Three: Side Plank Series

Move One: In side plank (on left), lift your right leg and preform a side crunch with your right arm. AMRAP 30 sec.
Move Two: Hold chataranga. AMRAP 30 second
Repeat on opposite side.

Preform your 4 minute HIIT.

Done! (Again, repeat once more for a really sweaty work out!)

Immediately after that, I enjoyed a yogurt mess including a serving of Puffins, blueberries and another 1/2T almond butter. This went un-pictured, as I was really hungry.

Later, for lunch, I enjoyed this bad boy:

It was a turkey salad, with roasted squash, 1/2 and apple, mushrooms, cucumber and a little hummus. After that I wasn’t fully satisfied, so I enjoyed a Simply Bar (I love these).

At around four – still at work – I grabbed a Oskri Bar (I love that this company states that their products are Halal. Supportin’ my boy!)

By the time I got home, I was ready for a Salmon and Sprout Salad! I threw in some asparagus, mushrooms, greens and hummus.

I ended the night with my a-typical bowl of fruit, AB and greek yogurt, tea and called it a night.

That is all!

Stay Sweet,

The Bend and HIIT work out!

Good morning! I hope the weather where you are is more pleasant than it is here.

today’s workout

This morning I woke up feeling a bit stiff and in need of a good stretch. But, lately, for some reason, all I ever want to do is sweat like crazy. I think – just maybe – I am getting addicted to the endorphin release that cardio work brings me!

I knew I wanted to incorporate yoga into my work out today, but I also knew I wanted to get my heart-rate up! So, I woke up – 5AM, unfortunately – and got to work!

I know it is probably totally lame, but in the mornings, I get so pumped about my work outs that I can’t sleep… lame-o, I know. I just can’t help but think: ‘how can I challenge myself today?’

So, I pulled out the ol’ pen and paper and jotted down a hybrid workout, incorporating simple – yet effective – yoga postures, with simple body-weight cardiovascular moves. And let me tell you, I’m pretty happy with the results!

Bend and HIIT!
You will need: yoga mat, interval timer, water, towel
Have your interval timer set to 3 sets of 10 minutes and 30 seconds. There will be seven 30sec/60sec intervals in each set. Make your ‘rest’ time 3 minutes long.
Start with your warm up: 10-15 Sun Salutations
Do each movement to breath – like a vinyasa flow. This will get your body warm and heart-rate elevated!

Now, start your timer:

Move one:
Hold downward dog position for 20-30 seconds time (depending on how long it takes you to get into position);
Do burpees for 60 seconds at maximum effort

Move two:
Hold Warrior 1 position with right leg forward for 20-30 seconds;
Do high knees for 60 seconds at maximum

Move three:
Hold Warrior 1 position with left leg foward for 20-30 seconds;
Do high knees (or but kicks) for 60 seconds at maximum effort

Move four:
Hold Warrior 2 position with right leg forward for 20-30 seconds;
Do skater jumps for 60 seconds at maximum effort;

Move five:
Hold Warrior 2 position with left leg forward for 20-30 seconds;
Do skater jumps (or side lunge with a jump up) for 60 seconds at max effort;

Move six:
Hold chair position for 20-30 seconds;
Do jumping squats for 60 seconds at maximum effort;

Move Seven:
Hold plank position for 20-30 seconds;
Do plank jacks (or mountain climbers) for 60 seconds at maximum effort

You’ll complete the circuit three times through, with three minutes of light cardio (I jumped on my stationary bike) in between. You’re welcomed to use this three minutes to rest. But, I do beg that you – at least – walk briskly to keep the heart rate slightly up.

I was kind of a sweat-y mess following this bad-boy…

Nothing more attractive than that, huh? That is my ‘good lord, I look disgusting’ face.

Never-the-less, I really loved this work out. The reason I made it is because I decided to partake in Courtney/Sweet Tooth Sweet Life’s yoga challenge for June (which couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, as I’ve recently decided that I need more yoga in my life!

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

I’ve been loving my HIIT works out so much, that I didn’t want to go a day without doing them. I also made a pact with myself recently. I’ve always had an issue with exercise. I often will over do it for myself. I, personally, like to work out every day. And, with the way that I eat, there is no reason for me to be doing long work outs – much like I was doing – at such a high intensity. So, to prove that I am able to shorten my work outs, I made a pact that none of my work outs can exceed 40 minutes in length. The typical yoga work out is 30 minutes, or more. Sometimes, they’re 10 to fifteen. But, typically speaking! I’ve become very passionate about making this a priority in my work outs – more for my mind than anything else.

So, instead of breaking my rule (though, I think that rounded up to be 45 minutes… no big deal) I decided to do a hybrid work out! And, I couldn’t have been happier with it.