Planning for Success

in forty eight hours, everything be changin’
I won’t lie and say that I haven’t been tacitly worried about school. I am not nervous about the classes, or the educational aspect at all. It’s just that I’ve become so used to living my life a certain way, this change… well, it’s kind of nerve-wracking. So, being that I am an avid planner, I decided to start a planning!
Every Sunday/Saturday will be my food prep for the week. What will I be prepping?
1) Hummus (I am going to start making my own hummus)
2) Soup and or chili
3)  Vegetables (roasted, chopped, etc)
3) Weekly workouts and meal plans.
This should pretty much take 1-2 hours of my time, leaving ample time for other things in my life. Like, you know… studying. Because now I need to do that!
Every morning, as per usual, I will get up around quarter to six, make my breakfast, eat it  and allow it to set. Usually by seven I am ready to work out! Thankfully, I’ve become accustomed to shorter work outs 🙂 I will officially adhere to a maximum of 30-35 minutes on Monday-Friday. Thankfully, I love a good timed workout because I feel like I am racing the clock. 21\Saturday and Sunday I can go for 45 minutes if wanted.  Meaning by 7:45 I should be done my workout and getting ready. Usually it takes me about  20 minutes to get ready because I am horridly bad at hair and make up and feel no need to impress my fellow students and usually just throw my hair back into a pony tail, calling it a day. That said, I will need to start laying out my outfit(s) the night before and packing my bags. 🙂
A few workout plans are as followed:

5 minute cardio warm up + 5 minute cool down (always).

Leaving 20-25 minutes for toning and general cardio.
3 minutes toning + 2 minutes cardio x 4-5

30/30 intervals (30 toning/30 cardio)

1 minutes of toning + 1 minute sprint

Keep these simple! Just keep going!
In regard to food, I am going to start looking up quick, on-the-go meals on the go. Fruit and veggies will still plan a key roll. Nuts, in full form, rather than buttered form (for transport) and clean bars (like Lara, Luna and Nature’s Path). I will not be away from home for so long that I will not be able to make it on this.
I know this seems silly and short. But I am so excited and worried and excited!
Stay sweet. 🙂

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